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Improved ventilation o
Winter Pig, ventilation and temperature never seems contradictory, doors and windows closed, ventilation have sent, good ventilation, the temperature low. In th

New heating and ventil
Today, more and more smart home "civilian", essential in the winter home heating devices, more companies began to think about how intelligent, thus reducing the

Warm a program of air co
The bad of actor of success or failure that designs plan to connect air conditioning project to design to warming count for much. In recent years, the

Air conditioning wind pr
The material with commonly used canal of canal of air conditioning wind, wind of central air conditioning has galvanization iron sheet, glass reinforc

Market of 2007 year air
Compare with photograph of in former years, sale of peak period of air conditioning market was started 2007 early, shifted to an earlier date fully ha

Total sales volume of 1-
Be in successive the high temperature of much day is roast below, market of ovine city air conditioning greeted fastigium of the biggest this year

Unit of refrigeration of
Unit of cold refrigeration of wind of in suspension of on the world first large magnetism is stationed in Tokyo consulate installation in the

Inner Mongolia develops
“ annual wind, from spring blow wintry ” , prairie wind will be become those who use not the resource of wind energy cleanness of e

Beijing: Central music i
Project name: Air-conditioner group purchases central music institute in the center of integrated education building Number of invite public biddi

Guangdong saves announce
Guangzhou municipal government purchases a center (“ of the following abbreviation purchases central ” ) suffer Guangzhou city to jump ove

Print and distribute of
" economy of countryman of People's Republic of China and social progress eleventh compendium of 5 years of programs " during putting forwar

Standard of sanitation o
Include 19 to be had with person health and safe and relevant standard mandatory —— is carried out since August 1 Cen

International fan and ve
Chongqing directly under the jurisdiction of 10 years, the progress that makes base as autocycle of the propulsion of super and urban and rural co

Air conditioning of heat
The Asia is warm the first exhibit HVAC CHINA 2007 the country will exhibit a grand opening in March Air conditioning of heat addition of the