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Air conditioning manufacturer is stared at tighten 07 sales market
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It is the price war between air conditioning brand first, shuffle battle, it is partial brand and chain sell the seesaw battle between field then, still accompanying the difficult situation that cost rises, 2007 air conditioning market what course to follow?
Air conditioning enterprise is turn to a product contend for, or more the art that begins exquisite channel?
Build channel to seek new way oneself
“ builds channel ” oneself, came 2006 refrigerant 2007 year, the immanent topic with air conditioning the most popular industry.
Almost all manufacturers think, get channel to just can get the world. Recently, annals headroom attune just faces news of countrywide media wide hair, say its hang out his shingle in Jiangsu establish first sale company. And, sale company integrated home appliance sells the ——— of is course of study of Chinese air conditioning mode of the 4th kind of sale that they weigh this. According to saying, their mode will be different from division force mode: What says “ integrated home appliance sells a ” to point to is to include a country the chain such as beautiful, Su Ning sells greatly, local place sells field and area agent, agency the floorboard that wait; Sale company is located in service government orgnaization surely, with the identity of ” of “ manufacturer spokesman integrated to “ home appliance sells a ” to undertake the maintenance of image of management and product, brand. It is reported, hunan also is about to establish sale company, such mode hopeful the situation with spark set the prairie ablaze spreads to countrywide each district.
In fact, the enterprise is in present air conditioning to build channel to be not oneself only this one. Division force builds the typical delegate of channel oneself namely, beautiful ever also tried water 4S store. At present, ge Lanshi, Aokesi, be in establish sale channel oneself, and also be undertake inside countrywide limits.
The brand weighs model to seek new device
If use the development bottleneck with new experience to describe present Chinese air conditioning, also was it seems that had not been.
Not long ago, peaceful Boaokesi expresses when Lai Rong of Zheng Hongwei of general manager of air conditioning sale, ao Kesi air conditioning is brewing new change. Between style of conversation of words and deeds, ao Kesi behaves out to build channel to break the intense determination that develops bottleneck. In the meantime, also want to pass product and market promotion to change in those days the figure of price butcher. It is reported, november, ao Kesi air conditioning arrives with mark of 80 million successful contest advertisement of column of gold of ” of resource of CCTV “ gold. Very apparent, the east wind that Ao Kesi thinks to borrow CCTV and channel weighs model figure in course of study of Chinese air conditioning, take the course of high-end actor price.
The market 2006 runs also be in indicate a fact: Price war already was things that are stale and unfasionable, air conditioning enterprise people trying to establish a brand with new measure in order to achieve the goal of occupational market. Beautiful air conditioning of high-end high price is an evidence; The air conditioning of case orchid be an official of price build up goes in rising in price also is an evidence before tide.
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