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5 years business uses overview of air conditioning market and current situation
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The expert inside course of study says frankly, 2005 year home is large the foreign capital brand of market of central air conditioning still is behaved grab an eye, include the cold water unit of the form such as centrifugal aircrew, screw aircrew, the beauty because of the tradition endowment the market position that the brand reachs maturity with its technology is an advantage, no matter be,is outstanding show on export, exported a respect to reach unprecedented height it seems that especially.

At the same time domestic company is like the sea Er, beautiful expression that waits to go up in large water machine also is very attention letting a person. This also lets a person can be experienced, in the 2006 year that just begin, foreign brand and domestic brand also will continue to be deduced in the competition on aircrew of large air conditioning, and more intense.

Nevertheless on the other hand, picture is additionally one actually on small-sized aircrew, including the main application product of the residence and place of small-sized business use to go up to appear this year is the expression of air conditioning product with system of cold intermediary type more grab an eye, this basically includes inside endowment the brand is mixed the enterprise that day endowment brand is a delegate, be like big gold, wait a moment beautifully; And if York, Telingzeng is long,behaving outstanding partial water before is manufacturer of all dominant product wait for expression some are inferior to before.

The change of the market always changes in what reflecting whole demand, and the competitive posture aggravate that reflected whole market is spent to the wallop of partial enterprise. The product requirement of consumer changes, the price that competition causes changes, governmental policy is oriented changing, and the form of businessman pursuit profit is changing, all these is having the effect that cannot ignore of course. In bore below the condition of these pressure, the air conditioning company that also answers to be able to maintain rapid growth to those really studies, the seed of sale outstanding achievement that can keep so good is belonged to not easy.

The current situation

In last few years economic abidance grows country, social purchasing power and consumptive potential also make global window, the trade that allows 2005 year continues to maintaining better growth with air conditioning demand, although the country is in,spend the functional policy that adopts macroscopical adjusting control to wait for the monitoring policy that implemented rigor to project development, land in last few years, but the demand of whole market still is in, because this 05 year are in,keep original on the foundation of a few old brands, the competitive brand that enters newly also grows in what keep, include the sea to believe day to stand, electric machinery of 3 water chestnut, Aokesi is waited a moment, expression is very steadily, at the same time the market still also is continueing to drawing the attention of foreign brand, the joint-stock company that includes Fuji to connect a general to wait holds water to be able to be reflected come out.
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