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Intelligent empty temperature adjustment accuses implement the market grows shal
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Long-term since, open as a result of what can control unit of each area air conditioning neatly stop with indoor temperature, can save building space and project cost, fan coil (FCU) adding system of new wind air conditioning is with guest room and business affairs method uses a room to rent all the time the type of system of air conditioning of half concentration type of the building first selection such as the hotel restaurant that gives priority to course of study and office building. Room empty temperature adjustment accuses implement it is aircrew of coil of fan of —— of control extreme device (FCU) for cold / quantity of heat, temperature of implementation cent room is controlled and energy-saving the key that move.
Empty temperature adjustment of common fan coil accuses implement the system of closed circuit thermoregulation that basically is an independence, basically move 3 fast switch and device of cold hot switch to comprise by orgnaization of set of controller of temperature sensor, two-step, temperature, hand. Its control a principle is empty temperature adjustment accuses implement of the room temperature that measures according to temperature sensor and set value produce two-step to control signal as a result quite, pipeline of loop of control cold hot water is dynamoelectric water a powerful person (two a powerful person or 3 a powerful person) switch, use the way that cut off and opens loop of the current inside coil namely, adjust temperature sending wind (for cold quantity) .

generation empty temperature adjustment accuses implement basically be electric formula product, empty temperature adjustment accuses implement temperature sensor uses bimetallic piece or pneumatic lukewarm bag, give lukewarm dial ” to adjust through “ tighten force to come beforehand set temperature, 3 fast switch and seasonal transfer switch are fan switch of machinery of type rude and unreasonable archives. This kind of empty temperature adjustment accuses implement the product is put generally in scale division value of “ temperature set to cross constant of time of thick ” , “ switch of machinery of too big ” , “ is fragile the problem such as bad ” .

The 2nd acting empty temperature adjustment accuses implement for electronic formula product, temperature sensor uses thermal resistor or thermal resistance, the temperature set of partial product and wind speed switch bolt through feeling and liquid crystal indication screen realizes interactive interface, cold hot switch is finished automatically, operation magnifies circuit and switch circuit realize two-step adjustment. Empty temperature adjustment of this kind of intelligence accuses implement the product improved interactive interface, solved scale division value of “ temperature set to pass the question such as thick ” , but still put in “ to control precision big ” of not tall ” , “ time constant, “ handles the issue such as more complex ” .
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