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Analysis of indoor environment imitate and evaluate integratedly
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(1) the imitate that different design program sends wind the effect is forecasted as well-known as trade off study, the purpose of ventilated air conditioning adopts artificial method namely, a kind of health, comfortable, safe, efficient air environment is created in limited space, the distributinging that because this people hopes to be able to understand the indoor sky that by different air conditioning ventilated form place forms in detail in program design phase,enrages chroma of velocity of flow, temperature, humidity, ill other people to wait, make a first-rate thereby plan of ventilated air conditioning. Applied STACH-3 undertakes to all sorts of design program imitate analysis is satisfying this one requirement. Be opposite Suzhou trades hall air conditioning is ventilated in the design of plan, send next answering to going up, in send fluctuation to answer, next sending get on an imitate computation that waited for different kind sending wind and different wind force to have 19 kinds of operating mode, pass the analysis of field of pair of temperature of indoor speed field and PMV field, reached already energy-saving the air conditioning that satisfies design requirement again sends wind form and wind force.

(2) because the imitate analysis that large space air current organizes builds a space more and more to complication, diversification and large change development, traditional efflux analysis method cannot give out the detailed data that design personnel place requires. And different area has diverse design demand in large space. If upside often does not have air conditioning to ask, the differently dot of area of bottom air conditioning also can have different need. Traditional design method can not solve these. Software of applied STACH-3 computation undertakes imitate is analysed, can know the air parameter of indoor and different area below different efflux form in the round, decide according to designing a requirement optimal air current organizes a form again. Centrally TV station performs the air conditioning system that sows hall one number in the design, applied STACH-3 software undertakes imitate is analysed, side of final affirmatory double deck sends the air current that answers up and down constituent form, design a requirement in order to satisfy the different air conditioning of arena and pavilion.

(3) system of air conditioning of ministry of play a game of chess undertakes imitate analysis lives as people of character rise, the demand of comfortable to the environment sex is higher and higher, system of local air conditioning or call an individual air conditioning, labour air conditioning had very great progress, because its send wind bureau be confined to zonule, need knows its action limits and effect effect, this also is the tradition tries the method can not solve. Applied STACH-3 undertakes imitate analysis can analyse the effect sending wind of local air conditioning, improve design program. Through sending wind the imitate of plan to crossover theater the back of the chair, trade off study area of the air conditioning below different program sending wind and the air parameter that personnel breathes an area, define optimal program thereby.
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