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51 golden weeks
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51 ” of “ the golden week, it is the sale busy season of air conditioning normally. So, does 51 ” price meet air conditioning “ this year how? Is price of Hefei market air conditioning to go up to still drop? Yesterday, big alligator of a few big air conditioning analyses Anhui market centrally conclude, whole of price of 51 air conditioning will not drop this year, but a few actual strength sells abundantly field is likely relatively the corresponding period dropped last year 5% the left and right sides.

Yesterday, attend “2007 year 5 stars are Er of the division force of ” of news briefing of news of 51 golden weeks, sea, beautiful wait for air conditioning manufacturer to think after analysing the market, as a result of air conditioning raw material rise in price, air conditioning price fall is not quite actual, unless ability of new technology innovation brings the likelihood of price fall. It is reported, with respect to Anhui market, at present Er of division force, sea, beautiful waited for air conditioning of a few old brands to hold 70% markets share.

Zheng Ying of general manager of company of Anhui of 5 stars electric equipment thinks, 51 golden weeks are the beginning that air conditioning enters a family to purchase fastigium, near future market research makes clear buy intent to achieve 50% , because this air conditioning is the home appliance of 51 golden weeks sells the grand opera of field, so each elaborate preparation, supply of goods is enougher; Say 51 weather are not too hot again, the possibility that because this air conditioning is below this kind of scene,rises in price is not large, but as weather heated, raw material rises in price, air conditioning price sells higher more very possible. (Labor report sees tomorrow our newspaper " consume direct car " )