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The Anhui province is discharged fish 7665 central air conditioning are potentia
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Near future the Anhui province is discharged again fish 7665 central air conditioning are potential user, if build or else of central air conditioning to take drill to make a gender answer measure by force to the city, be sure to wait to urban environment, electrified wire netting bring heavy burden. It is reported, " call for nothing in the center of building of town of the Anhui province can current situation investigation report " the near future gives heat, for the Anhui province energy-saving fall bad news rings alarm bell noisy.

Came in May 2006 by December, total fleet of province power company and province investigation was saving 17 city to undertake the city builds central air conditioning to use completely can survey of current situation task, to seeming floor area to be in 8000 square metre and building of above high level reach a building group in the center of air conditioning system. According to this one report, air conditioning shares refrigeration, heating in the center of building of town of total provincial capital (contain hot water) system of set of the air conditioning central 1189 groups, among them office building kind with guesthouse kind the 3/4 above that the user occupies total group to count, and governmental office building is in again office building kind occupy in the user 44.5% . Undertake discharging checking through building directory to 150 thousand users, survey group discovers complete province accumulative total has 7665 potential users, among them mechanism, school, guesthouse 4470. Investigation makes clear, the use of the unit air conditioning such as national office is apparent unit of over other type.

Current, city of the Anhui province builds the air conditioning central with can means basically has electric power, coal fired, fuel, light gas and city to heat up a net 5 kinds. According to calculating, save central air conditioning completely year bad news can gross is coal of 228 thousand tons of standards, the coal fired that uses blame cleanness the sources of energy among them, oil fired boiler the bad news last year can gross exceeds 90 thousand tons, discharges liquid waste, waste gas constitutes menace to environmental pollution. In the meantime, bear of air conditioning of complete province summer occupies a height to use electric bear proportion already by 2002 20% the left and right sides is added to the 35% above 2006, if play a high-ranking officer further,affect “ Anhui report east the ability that sends ” .

Survey result shows, driving managing model in social construction, the government should admit what the city builds central air conditioning, with structure, can regional system of central air conditioning brings into town planning; Compulsive to building building air conditioning regulation uses clean the sources of energy, the building bad news of central air conditioning can serve as mandatory index, engraft the whole process that air conditioning design, construction is built and runs government at the center. In the meantime, the government still should strengthen harbour of central air conditioning, electric power to be able to wait for the promotion application of new technology, increase strength of policy of time-sharing electrovalency drive.
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