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Total sales volume of 1-5 month air conditioning grew 10.47% compared to the sam
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Be in successive the high temperature of much day is roast below, market of ovine city air conditioning greeted fastigium of the biggest this year sale, 2007 air conditioning are refrigerant big fight of year peak period like a raging fire. The reporter looked recently from the sale status of each manufacturer, mostly manufacturer course of study already finished refrigerant year to sell a plan ahead of schedule.
Show according to data, crop of accumulative total of family expenses air conditioning will compare 1 ~ in May this year the corresponding period grew 18.24% last year, total sales volume grows 10.47% compared to the same period. Pair of home that Zhong Yikang of —— of orgnaization of domestic authoritative statistic released a few days ago 312 cities 1449 bazaar the monitoring data of 2743 doors inn, this year 1~4 month, market of domestic air conditioning sweeps the haze of in former years, appear to take flourishing trend gradually, turnover of home of brand of great majority air conditioning and retail volume appear to rise apparently than the corresponding period of in former years.

The brand is spent centrally increase further

Chief expresses related branch of Guangzhou of national beautiful electric equipment, current, guangzhou country beauty makes the same score the air conditioning sales volume of uniform nature to be in more than 3000, arrived to sell meeting comparing to turn over 2 times again at ordinary times on the weekend. And, because air conditioning flourishing is sold,still take ” of hot “ evening show, it is reported, the country is beautiful, always happy wait for home appliance to sell the business hours in the evening, from before after the left and right sides was delayed at 9 o'clock, arrive at 11 o'clock even at 11 o'clock half, sale of ” of “ night fair is occupied about round-the-clock 3 into more even, already became the ” of “ gold period of time that air conditioning sells. From the point of current sale status, concentration spends the brand of air conditioning to be strengthened further again, division force, beautiful, the 55~60% that the sale of sea Er occupies whole air conditioning to sell, below the pine, after sea letter, annals tightens therewith high.

From which happy health data sees, this year 1 ~ April Er of division force, sea, beautiful before share of retail volume market still ranks 3 strong, held 47.62%—— close half of country. Same, the turnover portion of 3 tycoons also was achieved 47.18% . Visible, 3 old brands get the trade situation that run to was not changed.

As we have learned, last year ” of blowout of “ of Guangzhou air conditioning in June the middle ten days of a month, the air conditioning of the our city sells busy season this year the middle ten days of a month just will come in July, come relatively slow, but impetus is violent all the more. Include beauty of Su Ning, country at present inside chain of each everybody report sells, with passing force, beauty, letter of sea Er, sea, annals is advanced manufacturer, adding a group hand, assemble personnel ensures the installation of busy season maintains a service, open fan the air to move busy season big decisive battle.
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