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Market of 2007 year air conditioning observes: Prosperity and crisis coexist
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Compare with photograph of in former years, sale of peak period of air conditioning market was started 2007 early, shifted to an earlier date fully half month. No matter be air conditioning manufacturer, still be a businessman, expressed great expectations to the market that starts early, taste the respect riveting sufficient interest such as sales promotion, service, channel promotion, newly in the market in succession, make whole market presents the picture with an one vibrant clique.

The author thinks, picture of this kind of prosperity is troublesome still a variety of malpractice of course of study of air conditioning of our country of attack by surprise. Price war although desalt, but product, service, sales promotion is become hard important task; Coessential change an appearance serious, the Lu Man of poor dissimilation break out of an encirclement is long; In high-end market is narrow, high-end transition cannot prop up dimensions to change development; Service trend is downstage, the market front that causes a company spins, dispersed energy.

The manufacturer contends for price speech authority

Since the market is started, price of concerned air conditioning rises dropping controversy is in all the time continuously. With the country beautiful, Su Ning is chain business of the representing, play consumptive card greatly, think the setting that begs for be more than in the market falls, air conditioning price still will go low continuously. And with the United States, the division force air conditioning enterprise that is a delegate, play healthy operation card greatly however, think the setting that rises continuously in the raw material price such as copper falls, the reason of the price restores to be able to maintain the healthy operation of the enterprise, going up at all or guarantee the benefit of consumer.

Enterprise and businessman can emerge difference on the price, still basically be the interest drives the difference with footing. To business of home appliance chain, to reflect “ price the advantage of low, phyletic complete ” , do not hope the price can rise continuously necessarily. To air conditioning manufacturer, the pressure that is risen in price by raw material, for the enterprise normal operation, the measure that must adopt ” of “ get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh undertakes advance gradually type rises in price.

To this, the author thinks, the rich play chess that price speech authority appears between level manufacturer now is abnormal, exposed air conditioning manufacturer to be in cooperative process, the target of existence unsharpness, direction is abhorrent strategical problem.

Coessential change competitive break out of an encirclement not to have a road

Come nearly two years, each air conditioning enterprises roll out function, design of each different taste newly, had held integral market the portion of 60% above. Hai Eryang air conditioning, beautiful kosher star, annals Gao Sanchao king, Aokesi is energy-saving air conditioning of radar of king, new division is waited a moment, emerge in endlessly. Preliminary count, in recent years of enterprise of our country air conditioning taste newer rate newly to be in with annual the rate of 50% rises. But this kind of change that updating is a kind of exterior only, arrive from white colorful, wait a moment to large slab from circular arc, these change take air conditioning to the tide that vogue turns development. But, to in-house refrigeration system, do not have an innovation however.
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