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Central air conditioning endangers health
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Sorching summer, the job in the room in available attune and life are very satisfied, but we can does ground of have nothing worry about hide indoors does disappear heat enjoy the cool? Before before long, ministry of Public Health and center of control of Chinese disease precaution to Beijing a 19 office building undertakes investigating discovering, the most excellent mark amounts to the contaminant in air conditioning conduit 367.15 times. The altogether in the air conditioning conduit of whole building clears the rubbish that gave nearly two tons, clear the thing that come out not only have rubbish of much dirt, construction, still have animal body. A sampling investigation shows Ministry of Public Health, in the discovery in detecting to the air conditioning of 60 many cities, the valve of air conditioning wind that is put in serious pollution is occupied 47.11% , medium pollution is occupied 46.17% , eligible occupy only 6.12% . And a statistic of World Health Organization shows, indoor air pollutes the disease that cause to exceed the air outdoor to pollute 5 times what cause a disease. The expert expresses, the harm that pollution of conduit of central air conditioning brings is tremendous, because certain reason caused the difficulty that air conditioning cleans, in eye antecedent condition falls can use add in blast tuyere outfit filter the method such as establishment reduces pollution as far as possible.

Condition of Chinese room core monitors committee Director Song Ansheng to say, be in for long the life in polluting environment of serious central air conditioning, cause the stimulation of pair of nose mucous membrane, oral cavity mucous membrane and eye very easily, still can produce breath difficult, headache giddy, bosom is frowsty wait for a symptom, bring serious harm to health.

According to association of industry of Shanghai environmental protection data of statistic of indoor processing branch shows, shanghai in many 4000 high-rise, only at present not much Lou Yu is accomplished wait to coil of cistern of the air conditioning central, fan regularly undertake cleaning, be in charge of those who undertake cleaning every year to be less than 100 buildings to wind of central air conditioning. And Beijing reachs system of more than 60 central air conditioning, clean a quantity at present to still be less than 1 % .

Why is central air conditioning cleaned hard? Director Song Ansheng thinks, it is a lot of owner did not realize the value that clean, think air conditioning wants only can refrigeration or make heat, not was necessary to clean, think general central air conditioning pollutes “ to be indifferent to ” , thermal drop of not better than a few slow, air quality is a few poorer. 2 it is to clean technical difficulty big. Because the conduit of central air conditioning closes, clean there is certain difficulty on the technology. It is the robot enters conduit to undertake brushing sweeping above all, at the same time the edge is brushed sweep an edge to undertake photographing resembling, next reoccupy vacuum club has aspiration, robot reentrance conduit undertakes photographing resembling later. Finally, the data deliver sanitation that cleans a company to will film evaluates a branch to look to whether reach wholesome level. 3 it is air conditioning cleans cost tall. Because central air conditioning cleans technical difficulty big, clean charge nature tall, the cost that air conditioning cleans is in tens of thousands of it is even ten yuan between. Such expense are not in the limits of management accrual, more what is more,the rather that of air conditioning is invisible muddily. Under photograph comparing, although be not cleaned, punishs charge also does not pass hundreds of go to on 1000 yuan, so a few relevant units also would rather be not cleaned by amerce.
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