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Compressor of long rainbow air conditioning is high-key put into production is b
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On April 28 message, long rainbow is high-key when announcing formal construction starts product line of the first plasma screen of Chinese, announce long rainbow at the same time east yuan start working of project of air conditioning compressor. Plasma screen and air conditioning compressor belong to upriver industry, domain of white report of this black report at the same time sortie sortie upper reaches, show long rainbow is determined outspreadly to strategy of industrial catenary upstream. It is reported, long rainbow east yuan first phase of project of product line of air conditioning compressor predicts to invest 400 million yuan, always produce can achieve 5 million, among them the first phase invests 152 million yuan, the quantity was produced in December 2007, produce per year can achieve 2.8 million.

Long rainbow east yuan project of product line of air conditioning compressor by Sichuan long rainbow east yuan accurate equipment limited company bear build, this company by long rainbow contributive 75% , east yuan contributive 25% joint-stock establish and become. According to the plan, system of home appliance of long rainbow white will implement 15 billion yuan sale scale 2010, and among them, air conditioning business will be one of important pillar. To implement a plan further, long rainbow just has been made an appointment with in formal on August 7, 2006 autograph with collaboration, compressor of build long rainbow produces base.

According to saying, long rainbow air conditioning realized 2 million sales volume and amplitude to make fluctuation of long rainbow group relatively satisfactory 2006, “ white report plans ” to continue to get supportive in group interior, long rainbow will be used produce per year the air conditioning compressor into 3 million group of project proof long rainbow is right the confidence of air conditioning business. Prepare to construct compressor produces base, was 2007 undoubtedly long rainbow electric equipment is strong march the major strategy act of white report career. It is reported, always produce of compressor of the air conditioning after first phase investment is finished can achieve 5 million.

According to estimation of the personage inside course of study, 2006 cold year, compressor of air conditioning of Chinese family expenses is produced can have exceeded 70 million. And arrive 2007 cold year, always produce of compressor of air conditioning of Chinese family expenses can will break through 80 million. Not only such, the electric equipment below the pine will announce on Feburary 5 this year, will shut manufacturing air conditioning in March 2008 the clear of hill pear county of special compressor and Ding factory, produce its move to undertake to China. The yield that at the same time domestic sky adjusts engine plant to also increase its to reduce mechanic plant further can, so that cut manufacturing cost. What is more,the rather that still raw material rises in price such difficult problem. Want to face very big market risk undoubtedly on compressor of air conditioning of the push forward below this kind of circumstance.
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