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Chengdu: Central air conditioning most probably not wholesome
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Central air conditioning can wash the state that can not wash to will change. On August 20, the author executes the law from sanitation of the Chengdu City supervisory detachment learns, be decided to be public concentration sky to move ventilated system sanitation to run pilot city as the Chengdu City, the end of this month arrives at the beginning of September, in the light of central air conditioning ventilated healthful examination will spread out one.

Sampling observation of can care sanitation only two into qualification

“ last year, we have sampling observation to the central air conditioning of whole town, 19 in, have 4 qualification only, percent of pass is only 21.1% . Sanitation of ” the Chengdu City executes the law 2 groups are in charge of supervisory detachment smoking the auxiliary group that surveys the job this to grow Mi Hong to say careladenly. According to not complete count, what at present house of domestic guest of the city zone, hospital, business tastes 28 kinds of management property such as the station is public, bring into wholesome license to superintend and the agreement that uses central air conditioning has 150, if add office building, those who use central air conditioning achieve 1000 above.

Execute the law personnel is right of the air conditioning central send blast tuyere but inspiratory grain content, 5 index such as the bacterium of army group of lung of be addicted to of the cooling water inside quantity of dirt retention of the surface inside the bacterial gross in sending wind, canal sending wind, cooling tower undertook detecting, discover bacterial gross and bacterium of army group of lung of be addicted to exceed bid serious, unqualified main reason is “ did not ask major to clean interior of company thorough air channel to undertake be cleaned thoroughly and alexipharmic ” , and air conditioning owner is safeguarded to the management of air conditioning and sanitation did not catch up with be caused by, “ is used for a long time do not clean thoroughly however, although clean,also stay in only apparently, the sanitation that causes air conditioning intake does not amount to mark, cause hidden trouble ” to citizen health.

New rule carries out sanitation of hurried air conditioning since October

Mi Hong tells a reporter, will rise on March 1 from last year, ministry of Public Health " public concentration is empty move ventilated system sanitation to run way " carry out formally, this method sets, center air conditioning ventilated system ought to keep clean, without cause ill microbial pollution, cooling tower cleans open mode every year not less than, every 6 months such as air screen pack, filter and purifier are checked or change, and air processing unit, watch is cold implement, heat (wet) implement, condenser water dish wait to be cleaned every year. In addition, ministry of Public Health is newest of formulate " public wholesome regulation " will carry out at will rising this year in October, increased to punish a clause in new orders, will be helpful for ventilated healthful managing promoting central air conditioning.
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