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Central air conditioning sends noise air conditioning to pollute Guangzhou to co
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Into high temperature lasts since summer, to attract a customer, business is spread and the air conditioning of each big business room leaves very sufficiently, but in went to the lavatory client while, give however all round the dweller brings a lot of inconvenience. Yesterday morning, live in a Yu Ou Luoxi the summerly lady of lucky building is in new city of bureau of city environmental protection receive in visitting, complain say: The low frequency noise that lead plane of 5 of outpatient department of “ downstair hospital air conditioning central gives out, make whole building dweller cannot fall asleep in the evening, a lot of people feel the heartbeat is accelerated, blood pressure is elevatory. ” that day, assume personal command of deputy director general of Wu Qianzhao of bureau of city environmental protection, accepted near 30 citizens complain, seek advice. The problem such as noise of hot pollution, low frequency became the new central issue that this second citizen complains.

The returning that having identical lot with summerly lady has, mr Wu expresses, his home is lying between road of a pony only with the guesthouse that enter a peak, still be less than 30 meters wide. Last summer, guesthouse of 5 buildings outside the wall appears suddenly lead plane of 4 air conditioning, almost ground of “ buzzing ” is ringing, we still can close “ gush steam window, but noise of this kind of low frequency makes a person intolerable really ” . It is reported, will mix last year in October this year June, bureau of environmental protection of more beautiful area has undertaken checking to the spot, ask its are rectified and reform. But Mr Wu expresses: “ situation did not take a favourable turn. Mr ” Mr Wu expresses, hope guesthouse can be before air conditioning lead plane build by laying bricks or stones keeps apart a wall, isolation noise.
Live in the sea bead Mr Dai of Ou Moshou road mirrorred air conditioning likewise the problem of faze civilian, but those who make him intolerable is steam. Mr Dai expresses, his home is downstair 2 buildings are inn of a meal, 3 buildings are inn of recreation of card of a chess, the lead plane of a few air conditioning of two inn is installed in 3, the interlining of 4 buildings, and Mr Dai lives in 4 buildings, air conditioning lead plane has 1.5 meters only from his home window, the useless steam of eduction lives to the dweller of 4 buildings above the impact is very big, cannot open a window completely. Mr Dai is taking a building to build blueprint to say furiously: “ development business is designing 1 ~ of the obligate when position of 3 buildings air conditioning is central air conditioning, but business shop converted now fission type air conditioning. ”

To air conditioning faze civilian problem, wu Qianzhao expresses, to the installation of central air conditioning, environmental protection branch has a regulation, cooling tower should be installed support in the building, install in skirt upstairs also do not accord with a regulation, need to be corrected as soon as possible. The branch of problem environmental protection that mirrors to the dweller can go as soon as possible the spot undertakes investigating, harmonious solution definitely.
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