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Electric power expert is opening delibrate wind system energy-saving
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The expert of fan of countrywide power industry and wind system and entrepreneur assemble in Nantong, optimize design and implementation of moving experience, utmost jointly energy-saving decrease a platoon, spread out communication delibrate. This is the countrywide power industry that the our city undertakes by the enterprise first seminar of technology of high administrative levels.

According to introducing, circular fluid-bed is a kind of clean and energy-saving combustion technology, circular fluid-bed boiler is in company of domestic large power to be used extensively. The wind system that deserves to cover for its moves to whole set have main effect, but bad news report is bigger. Limited company of fan of Jiangsu Jin Tongling undertakes as the activity square, it is the national form that develops large industry fan technically company of new and high technology, begin to cooperate with place of courtyard of advanced scientific research from 2004, develop system of wind of circular fluid-bed boiler jointly, already held the market share of 80% above of domestic at present. To be advanced further energy-saving fall bad news, enhance the economy that wind system runs and security, the enterprise listened to the opinion that electric power experts optimize to the design, proposal extensively, the production of the research that is new task, new product accumulates valuable experience.

Deputy mayor Wu Xiaochun attends a meeting speech, brief introducing the advantage of Nantong development new energy resources and power equipment manufacturing industry, invite each expert and entrepreneur enthusiasticly to make an on-the-spot investigation more, conspire to cooperate.

Origin: Nantong daily