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Fuji connects central air conditioning (Ning Bo) technical seminar is held
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In the center of “VRF ” of seminar of air conditioning technology was in Ning Bo city on August 31, 2007 Dong Gangbo is special graceful big public house (happy event will enter big public house) hold ceremoniously. This second the seminar connects central air conditioning by Fuji (without stannum) limited company is sponsorred. Come from peaceful wave area the professional technology personage of the respect such as the warm expert telling a group of each big designing institute, college and user, agency made an appointment with 40 more than person to attend this second technology seminar.

Technical seminar connects central air conditioning by Fuji (without stannum) Dr. Zhao Xingyan chairs chief inspector of promotion of limited company technology, fuji connects central air conditioning (without stannum) limited company business general manager Mr Liu Guiliang makes a speech. On the seminar, dr. Zhao Xingyan made a theme report: " Fuji understands technology of core of central air conditioning " . Ground of report explain the profound things in a simple way introduced Fuji to connect central air conditioning to be in control of environmental protection, energy-saving, intelligence, long-range monitoring, super much couplet, fall application of the core technology of the respect such as a confusion of voices, ultralow temperature, anticorrosion and its project, shed gearshift control, biserial continuously to V-PAM especially centrifugal turbine fan, miniaturization optimizes design, ultralow temperature to move, the world such as long-range supervisory system's banner new technology made detailed introduction. After the report ends, total, Dr. Zhao and representing had land interactive communication. Representing make a speech eagerly, connected technology of core of central air conditioning to give height the opinion to Fuji, new to heat technology undertook discussion ardently.

Assemble of this second technology seminar peaceful wave area warms a group is main personage, of technical seminar hold be sure to drive new technology to apply extensively, information of stimulative industry technology is communicated with communication, drive VRF of peaceful wave area progress of technology of industry of the air conditioning central and applied technology promotion, for industry economy development makes contribution.

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