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Countrywide head stage fights typhoon 1.5 million made of baked clay wind- drive
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Yesterday afternoon, countrywide head stage fights typhoon 1.5 million made of baked clay wind- driven generation set is overall get offline successfully inside new plant of company of technology of Ming Yangfeng cable of Guangdong of developing zone of our city torch. This aircrew is the first complete basis of our country Chinese wind- driven resource awaits a characteristic to design compatibly, can resist the extreme climate condition such as typhoon, sand and dust, severe cold, have contemporary world advanced level to have the dynamo of new generation wind-force of own intellectual property.

Develop a new style or a new method of one's own is built piece fight typhoon fan

Wind-force generates electricity is to become what development latent capacity has most on this age bound but technology of second birth energy, the goal of machine of countrywide general assembly that our country already defined to the wind-force 2020 generates electricity is 50 million kilowatt. The basis goes the statistic of annual bottom, countrywide wind-force generates electricity total installed capacity is 2.59 million kilowatt only, predict henceforth inside 13 years, domestic wind-force generates electricity the market exceeds investment every year 50 billion yuan, add installed capacity newly every year to exceed 5 million kilowatt.
Apparent, wind-force generates electricity is a big cake. But how should eat? Ming Yang's person undertook rational analysis. Chinese wind- driven resource basically has two distributinging areas, it is “ of northeast, China north, northwest area of 3 north ” , another is southeast foreland. Former and easy dust storm removing sand, latter hits a typhoon easily. “ is before Ming Yangzhi, our country wind-force generates electricity industrialization had taken 3 way: It is as joint-stock as foreign fan production enterprise, mature to introduce abroad model is completely manufacturing licence, own enclosed development. Before both introduced fan main engine is main it is the product that copies European company to be designed according to European climate and environmental standard, with China special climate environment matchs hard, and do not have own intellectual property, in technology of a lot of core the respect cannot be broken through; Close completely the main problem of own research and development is to cannot draw lessons from developed country background of experience, the product develops speed and quality to also assure hard. Pine of chief king of company of ” Ming Yang says.
Ming Yang decides a brand-new way, through introducing the world's advanced design and attestation technology, take the kind that China and foreign countries develops jointly, be aimed at Chinese environment and industrial condition, the quantity is ordered personally become the fan that owns own intellectual property. Accordingly, just was born countrywide head stage resists generation set of made of baked clay wind-force of typhoon 1.5 million.
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