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"Air conditioning and lab of research of indoor air quality " hold water
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“ air conditioning and ” of lab of research of indoor air quality held water in Beijing a few days ago. This lab will use what indoor empty temperament measures air conditioning to determine for our country home provide just, standard detect according to, also offerred to have science, health to live in the reference standard of surroundings for consumer at the same time. At the same time this lab also will load quality of air of our country healthy air conditioning to develop the research task that rise, make new standard of indoor air quality jointly with the enterprise. This lab monitors committee and Haierji by condition of Chinese room core round combination is built.

As we have learned, do not sweep screen pack for a long time, can cause screen pack appearance accumulative and much dirt, mite of grow mildew bacterium, dirt harmful microbial, and be when air conditioning movement, as air conditioning circular wind is blown come loose indoor each corners, form pollution 2 times. Not only such, long-term before, screen pack surface is jammed by dirt, reduce overall heat exchange efficiency, refrigeration makes heat energy muscularity drop greatly. Japan detects about the orgnaization make clear: Weight of dirt of air conditioning screen pack achieves 2g, the refrigeration thermal efficiency of air conditioning all can drop 25 % .

And according to disease of the closest Shanghai precaution controls central investigation to show, did not time sweep air conditioning screen pack, cause a large number of dirt to gather, average check gives coccus of grape of yellow of mould, gold rate control in 10 % , bring about little, old person, constitution relatively the disease grow in quantity such as disease of infection of weak respiratory tract, air conditioning. In the meantime, in occupying an investigation that people net releases recently, show, the air conditioning user that has 81 % never sweeps screen pack. From Shanghai a of ten hospitals dermatological department clinical investigation discovers, because pollution of family expenses air conditioning causes the patient of disease of skin allergy, respiratory tract,hold sum total unexpectedly 5 into. Fudan University is accessary and paediatrics hospital Liu Hunan yuan the professor says, already waited for the fish on the component domestic and internationally to be able to send ill bacterium not less from air conditioning screen pack about the branch.

To change this one current situation, haierji is round integrated Han, day, medium refrigeration of the Three Kingdoms and the expert that air quality improves an aspect, undertake from the respect such as the exterior, structure the technology is innovated, creativity ground adopts multinomial and patent technique, successful research and development gives the air conditioning that has “ to sweep ” function automatically. Be body to reveal this air conditioning is successful before Beijing Olympic Games is held research and development appears on the market, haierte names his for air conditioning of wind of ′08 Olympic Games, reflect with this can bring unexpected satisfaction and surprise to consumer.
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