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New purify alexipharmic device to give central air conditioning " wear guaze mas
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Nowadays, central air conditioning is in office building, bazaar, guesthouse public use generally, be in while the person is cool and refreshing also brought healthy hidden trouble. Connect the air “ of whole building as a result of central air conditioning ” , inside its wind canal build up easily again dirt, bacteria, people stays for a long time in air quality inside poorer building, catch “ air conditioning possibly to ask for ” integratedly. And recently, from association of technology of city accept rice understanding arrives, catalysis of air conditioning static light produced by electricity purifies alexipharmic device in the center of the invention —— that Shanghai reachs home of three-year institution of higher learning, can wear guaze mask ” to air conditioning “ , dirt of bacteria of layer upon layer intercept, let indoor air become let a person be at ease.

Central air conditioning causes collective cold

Wu Jixiang, shanghai hands in big electric project to fasten a professor, was engaged in 20 old air purifying research. He invented a kind of purifying device that is used at the air conditioning central recently, pass hand in big the cooperative research and development with company of science and technology of 3 divisions environmental protection, realized industrialization. Detect in the air purifier of place of “ Olympic Games of firm end in ” , this kind of purifying device ranks the first in all products, hopeful is used at Olympic Games place. And the Tianjin in one of Olympic Games projects east the station transforms a project in, this device already was entered by design buy system of central air conditioning.

Why should central air conditioning install air purifying device? Original, once indulge no matter, central air conditioning makes the medium of communication that the disease travels possibly. The report that according to CCTV weekly quality reports, this year the beginning of the year, nearly 40 athletes inside Education Foundation catch national sports total bureau genteel feeling, and the great majority in them of the person eat, living is depart, finally, disease accused central expert to find a reason, it is the central air conditioning of Education Foundation, be in charge of a cold virus to trained a house to bring another training house from through wind.

Three-layer intercept purifies indoor air

Introduce according to Professor Wu, this device by special type narrow composition of adsorption layer of module of smooth catalysis of device of span static electric field, ultraviolet ray, postposition. Electrostatic field device and postposition adsorption layer use electrostatic and adsorptive principle, try to filter system, can rise to remove dust with the effect that removes bacterium; Module of ultraviolet smooth catalysis uses accept rice data, have exterminate further, decompose a bacterium to wait microbial, disclose the intention of bacterial metabolization content, fragment and organic contaminant.
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