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Summer fire safety standards for exhaust ventilation equipment best buy
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Ventilation in accordance with a comprehensive range of ventilation and can be divided into local ventilation. General ventilation, also known as dilution ventilation, which is the whole space ventilation. Local exhaust ventilation is a place in the generation of pollutants directly collected by air pollution emission Outdoors, or directly to the local supply of fresh air space. Good local ventilation with ventilation, air flow savings and other advantages. Ventilation equipment is the equipment needed mechanical ventilation. Exploration Mine are mostly single entry, common axial Fan, centrifugal fans, dust fans, Merry purifier, filter, pressure sprinkler, sprinkler pressure gas, and used in combination with the fan for ventilation duct, etc.. Foshan Nanhai Yanbu ventilation plant is the production of cosmic air conditioning parts, fire ventilation smoke professional choice for manufacturers, is the design, manufacture, installation, marketing, service integration business. The use of advanced scientific management The main reason production of products: air conditioning vent louvers, duct damper, muffler pipes, fire, exhaust valves, tank fire low-noise fan, high temperature axial exhaust fan the fire. Product Quality Testing by the National Fire Heart, the National Testing Center and the Beijing air conditioning labor noise test center examination. Our products are designed, good quality, complete specifications, quick delivery, attentive service, praised by users.