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Twelfth Saudi International Exhibition of air conditioning and ventilation equi
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Twelfth Saudi International Exhibition of air conditioning and ventilation equipment Twelfth Saudi International Exhibition of air conditioning and ventilation / air conditioning in 2010 Saudi International Exhibition / 2011 ventilation Saudi International Exhibition / Gu Cuili -13401195796 Show Name: Twelfth Saudi International Exhibition of air conditioning and ventilation equipment Show time: 2011 May 24 to May 27 Venue: International Exhibition Center Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Market Introduction Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia is the world's construction market, one of the fastest population growth, the population continues to increase each year more than 3%, the population increased substantially the degree of active promotion of the market, but also to national tourism, real estate, Bin Museum, leisure and shopping centers has brought prosperity, and the performance of such economic change in the Saudi capital Riyadh is the most obvious. The corresponding surge in the population requirements of various necessities rising, the housing sector appears A shortage of the phenomenon, but a large number of high-priced crude oil exports to Saudi Arabia without suspense into the second round of construction frenzy. In the next few years, will be built in the Saudi capital Riyadh, there will be 500,000 construction projects. There are numerous shopping malls, business and leisure centers, hotels, supermarkets, schools and restaurants. The growth of liquidity in Saudi Arabia, with these houses, apartments and other buildings are ever more The possible use of first-class air conditioning, ventilation, heating and refrigeration systems and products, and give generously. Saudi Arabia's hot, arid climate, which will certainly help advance this trend. Saudi Arabia is the largest air conditioner market is one of the world for foreign investment has brought a unique opportunity to: While Saudi domestic manufacturers to produce air conditioning and warm some of the same equipment, but it is still need for imports to meet domestic demand for air conditioning and HVAC equipment. Therefore, when demand soared in Saudi Arabia when a unique Investment window has been adjusted over the world manufacturer of air conditioning equipment to create. No country in the Middle East is such a large demand for air conditioning ventilation, heating and refrigeration product range in the market. In fact, the Saudi Arabia is the world's air-conditioning equipment using one of the largest. Every year the air-conditioning in Saudi Arabia is the annual demand growth of 6%., The current market value of the air-conditioning billion U.S. dollars. If you participated in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia Was held in Saudi Arabia in 2008 the Tenth International air conditioning and ventilation, heating and cooling Expo, you will find the most promising global air cooling products in the international market. The construction of restaurants and shopping malls to promote the demand for refrigeration equipment: In addition to the surge in demand, resulting in HVAC and refrigeration equipment is more than ever, the lack of the rapid development of Saudi Arabia, hundreds of thousands of apartments, houses and villas will be in Saudi Arabia, built in the next few years , Restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, cold storage centers and hotels demand for refrigeration products and equipment have greatly increased. Although heat is a constant factor in Saudi Arabia, will be very cold at night, so HVAC Equipment demand is still very large, and - with the increase in disposable income. Saudi Arabia's air conditioning, ventilation, heating and manufacturing growth in demand has created a huge warm with nuclear components and sub zero cooling products Pieces of a buyer's market. Over the years, Saudi Arabia has installed more than any other air conditioners, over time, these products naturally require more maintenance and repair, and increases the demand for spare parts . Saudi Arabia currently imports each year more than 13000-24000 air-conditioning units, the total value of more than 100 million U.S. dollars.