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Plant cooling ventilation plant cooling fan
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Injection workshop toy shop ventilation cooling products, garment factory cooling fan cooling device No matter how hot your plant: 32 ℃ 45 ℃ or above, or dusty, smell a lot of ventilation, very hot and we can always maintain your company's plant at about 26 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ environment between the comfortable. Curtain-style ventilation cooling system is the use of the introduction of fresh outdoor air through evaporative cooling to achieve a natural phenomenon that the purpose of cooling. Plant fitted with special vacuum machine at one end and related accessories, will be pumping out the air inside the plant, the other end into the air outside the system through the curtain, when the water evaporates to reduce the air temperature. Use of negative pressure inside the factory, we can maintain adequate ventilation, the air from outside into the full, and take away the factory workers, machines, etc. ........ exhaust heat and emissions, the use of curtain to filter the outside world The dust in the air is fresh.