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New heating and ventilation equipment hit "intelligent"
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Today, more and more smart home "civilian", essential in the winter home heating devices, more companies began to think about how intelligent, thus reducing the heating in the warm family, and other aspects of the indoor heat is not enough trouble. At the same time, new ventilation equipment is to avoid the host installation, duct layout, wall drilling and other more complex problems and achieve easy installation. According to Wang Feng, chairman introduced the torch, they recently launched Intelligent heating system enables remote temperature in the boiler fitted with connectors, you can remotely adjust the heating and cooling equipment in each room running. On the way home from work, using a mobile phone "call" intelligent remote boiler controller, home gas boiler or to warm the equipment will automatically open, while the bathroom tub filled with water automatically, and all are in a "Welcome" status. But this is more suitable for remote temperature control of heating individual users, the collective realization of the living room heating up and there are difficulties. "As a more convenient and comfortable way of life, intelligent home is not a new word," said Wang Feng, which contains the contents of the particularly broad, including timing adjust lighting, video intercom, home appliance control, regulation, and audio-visual system multiple control functions. With the housing requirements of quality and continuous improvement of energy efficiency, getting better and better doors and windows closed. Meanwhile, the city's dust, exhaust and noise pollution is worsening, combined with the cold winter outdoors, so a lot of doors and windows of the family most of the time in this season is completely closed. The long-oxygen environment at will, headache, nausea feeling, a great impact on human health. However, most of the new air system on the market require the host installation, duct layout, wall drilling and other steps, more suitable for building construction in the early, or not to install before the decoration. So let a lot of hope that "ventilation" of the owners prohibitive. Recently, Townsend launched a new air control AcBel house, its biggest feature is the air system to solve the previous house in the decoration can not be installed after the problem. "The new product does not require complicated duct arrangement, just the same as the wall mounted air conditioner on the wall outside, hit the wall outlet with a diameter of 11 centimeters can be." Townsend said Guozhan Geng, general manager of HVAC equipment, The new system can be used for a machine in a room, or a machine room, can efficiently filter dust in the air, heat recovery efficiency up to 70%.