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Improved ventilation of the winter pig
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Winter Pig, ventilation and temperature never seems contradictory, doors and windows closed, ventilation have sent, good ventilation, the temperature low. In the end is to air or to temperature, remind you, relatively speaking, the winter air is far more important than temperature. Harmful gases inside the barn in winter mainly ammonia. Dioxide, hydrogen sulfide three, take a look at the harm caused by these three gases. 1, the ammonia concentration is too high, can cause mucosal congestion, conjunctivitis and respiratory diseases, such as the concentration of another large vector out to cause eye, lung edema, and even lead to paralysis of the central nervous system, could easily lead to the death of pigs. 2, the pig of carbon dioxide, the long-term accumulation, the concentration is too high will cause hires lack of oxygen, the pig neural sluggish, loss of appetite, weight gain slows down. 3, the pig is the most harmful hydrogen sulfide gas, the gas has a stinky smell, is a strong nerve agents, there is a strong irritant, the concentration is too high will cause pig conjunctiva and respiratory tract inflammation, severe pigs can lead to suffocation or paralysis to death. Ventilation is the way we usually open a vent in the roof, but the effect is not obvious, respiratory and other symptoms still occur in winter, few farmers in the use of pens and other equipment draft fan. Suggest that you at about 1 m from the ground to set up a hair dryer, we like cheese oven northeast, directly to the Ceiling vents, because they are often harmful gases in the ground about 1 m or less, played Ceiling vents The role of small. Improved ventilation, give your farming unexpected results, we recommend you use!