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First air purifies functional air conditioning to come out
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Indoor air quality: Health affects pop chart NO.1

As standard of living rise, we are changing our surroundings ceaselessly, but at the same time also “ encounters ” is worn the worry of more and more indoor environment problems, for health, we must pie-eyed discern ” of those guerrilla of outfit of inferior Home “ , boycott undesirable home cautiously to assemble data, essence of life is carried fine those who choose buy …… of home appliance product

National quality is supervised examine total bureau of quarantine total bureau, national environmental protection, Ministry of Public Health is in early had been promulgated in December 2002 and carry out " standard of indoor air quality " , tell from some kind of meaning, indoor air quality has become the chief factor that affects domestic member health.

Weather of sand and dust material of pollution of the frequent, air outdoor, adornment (synthetic plank) , the reason such as the textile such as the adhesive, coating, carpet that serves as antiseptic with formaldehyde, make go from bad to worse of indoor air quality, with the indoor air of our be closely bound up, contained harmful gas and cause of disease are microbial cause huge to endanger to our health, indoor air quality gets ameliorative urgently.

First have indoor air to purify functional air conditioning to come out

Company of authoritative orgnaization, healthy expert, production be in the method that recommends ameliorative empty temperament to measure to us ceaselessly and roll out applicable family expenses product, current, healthy home appliance enrages the improvement of quality to indoor sky, get the affirmation of extensive consumer, especially healthy air conditioning.

Recently, the air conditioning that the “ home that by condition of core of room of association of Chinese interior decoration committee of the job that monitor maintains has indoor air first times to purify a function implement ” rises to surface, the air conditioning of Ge Lanshi light-wave that uses light-wave technology successfully namely. Light-wave air conditioning is adjusting antisepticly, effectively the function of the respect such as tiny climate ” obtained “ to detect the agree of the orgnaization.

Condition of core of room of association of Chinese interior decoration monitors working commission, drive ” of healthy and the “ green that suits to live, indoor environment all the time build, in the light of people of indoor living environment monitor, detect, in improvement indoor empty temperament is measured especially air purifies functional respect, making vigorous effort all the time.

To “ first have indoor air to purify functional air conditioning implement the cognizance job of ” is undertake choose and detecting from a lot of respect, light-wave air conditioning is antiseptic the effect especially apparent. Save a disease additionally to prevent what control center releases to examine according to Guangdong the report shows, antiseptic rate is as high as light-wave air conditioning on average 99.43% .
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