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Industrial limited company rolls out Electromechanical of peak of Guangzhou beau
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Electromechanical of peak of Guangzhou beautiful be an official is industrial limited company founds 1991, it is Australia the solely invested enterprise that limited company of 10 thousand treasure benefit international invest in Chinese Guangzhou, air of environmental protection of series of " of peak of be an official of beautiful of " of manufacturing patent product adjusts machine.

Peak of beautiful be an official devotes oneself to a product to be improved ceaselessly of quality all the time, rolled out 7 years upgrade product EX767, in congener product the first provided UV sterilization unit. UV ray can restrain the much in water harmful microbial with the bacterium, destroy their recovery capability, the rate that eliminate bacterium can be amounted to 99% . The interior of bactericidal lamp of UV water helix used helix structure, make water has more long time to accept the illuminate of UV ray, enhanced the result that controls a bacterium. The EX767 microcomputer controller that uses case of hermetically sealed aluminium alloy has the function that be rinsed automatically and protects automatically, computer of high speed, will efficient DSP and union of frequency control controller are an organic whole, realized the working pattern that intelligence changes.