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Experience originality life, get run " internationalization cooperates "
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On April 9, 2007 dusk time, “SIMPLICA of brand of a new student (gentry is tasted) the area of garden of 8 bridges originality that ” is in Shanghai is horizontal be born for nothing. “SIMPLICA (gentry is tasted) what ” will serve as the brand of a high end below China emperor brand to enter China to light gas water heater is medium high-end market, the target makes each users can become the stylist of the life, experience the fun that washs bath adequately.

China emperor relies on experience of development of ten years, operation, successful by pitch on of ” of “ Olympic Games, make only brand burning heat, its brand credit is spent see one spot. Introduce according to this brand controller: “‘SIMPLICA (gentry is tasted) marrow of technology of ’ successive industry while, still pay close attention to the life character of consumer will morely, original exterior design will satisfy the requirement of all sorts of different consumer, take a kind of Wei Yu product that is different from a tradition to experience for broad consumer. ”

Strong collaboration, it is life infuse to design

The Denmark that China emperor has the honor to win international AI large award this for many times together is famous design firm CBD, roll out “SIMPLICA (gentry is tasted) ” series. This series product uses the design at each respects, reflected the beauty of structure and modelling adequately, CBD company resolve makes the product defending bath that is dominant with ” of “ design feeling with all one's strength together with China emperor. SIMPLICA (gentry is tasted) series product comes from Europe to start a design formerly, give priority to tone with decorous silver-colored gray, its arc and curve are the biggest characteristic on appearance design, chip of constant temperature of together with numerical control, intelligence, double close wait for a function, it may be said changes the iciness of traditional water heater and industrial machine feeling, certainly will will bring consumer brand-new life experience.

Huadi and CBD have a joint concept: “ cannot regard the product as only product, we are not to making water heater, we live in the design, ‘ became enough ’ is the word that we won't say forever. Countless times then consumer uses ” test, countless times the family is visited, the stylist of CBD people searching the person that use hard the real need to water heater, search them like in the heart but that kind of water heater that has not been come out by expression.

Huadi discovers, china has large quantities of those who had accepted good education is medium produce estate, their care family, be dedicated to be family to offer more high grade life to enjoy with his ability, at the same time they more the autonomy that pursues the life and fun, SIMPLICA (gentry is tasted) be born, satisfying their pursuit. “ admires a design, enjoy the life namely, good design can let flat life become chic from now on, interesting. ”Viewpoint of refer of Huang Wenzhi of president of China emperor company, ’ of “‘ life stylist is SIMPLICA (gentry is tasted) the brand is characteristic, meaning in bring the design with brand-new user to change the life to enjoy, the person that let each use resembles a stylist of the life, the creation that use a heart, management move lives. Although have deep love for the person of the life not to have SIMPLICA certainly (gentry is tasted) , but have SIMPLICA (gentry is tasted) the person has deep love for the life certainly. Accordingly, say SIMPLICA from certain sense (gentry is tasted) unlike is stage water heater, anyway more resemble an artwork that has life. ”
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