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Chengdu: Fountainhead heats up Laotesi small town of amorous feelings of pump se
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Recently, chengdu does Laotesi to try hard through, achieve combat success again. 7 years on June 89, aircrew of fountainhead hot pump will accompany small town of European amorous feelings to receive forum of bequest of first of China immaterial culture together. Current, both sides already signed LWWSH1500 fountainhead hot pump aircrew and a certain number of extreme wind ark, wind dish agreement of order for goods.

It is reported, small town of European amorous feelings covers an area of 200 mus, embedded an artificial lake that covers an area of 50 mus, program floor area 63300 square metre. Program design drew lessons from 19 centuries end style of architectural of Europe of the north at the beginning of 20 centuries, many more integrated the characteristic of European small town has program position, the small town after building the assemble the brand of famous Western-style food of European each country.

Project of club of international of feng4huang2 of big public house of cafe of rich luck garden, Lu buy lake, sound, Jiang Yan day and flourishing age square, cling to medium disease accuses center, medium southwest of boat travel industry grooms sports center, Chengdu does VTI of center, United States, endowment this world cell, as field of city of fatigue spy Si Zaicheng the air plant of a project of another classic example, the trademark that this enterprise is in Sichuan area is well-known degree already entered the most pleasant stage. To this, express about the personage inside course of study, air conditioning market is very active in the center of Sichuan 2006, wait for field requirement in guesthouse hotel, bazaar, estate and plant business especially exuberant, size project does not issue a hunderd schools, this offerred development good opportunity to the company that has actual strength more very much. From 2006 the air conditioning application of priority discipline tastes the investigation data of the card to be able to see, fatigue spy Si Fei often seized this one opportunity in time, the market strategy with right have the aid of and oneself actual strength promoted to a high office quickly market position, make channel is able to consolidate and outspread. In actual strength of brand, channel, politic, company photograph of a lot of condition complementary photograph bear below the circumstance, unit of fountainhead hot pump developed the set of another large window after machine of the module that it is afterwards very likely 2007.