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Sea Er water heater:
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Telecommunications of business of Shandong 2007-04-16(China) - - a few days ago, shirt-sleeve sea Er (what 600690) can wear wall remote control is wireless the condensation type that knows a technique lights gas water heater to be about to be in countrywide market is sharp appear on the market. This condensation type that name “ astute ” lights gas water heater to use international is at present banner science and technology and entrance component, the ” of efficient “ energy-saving pioneer in becoming consumer family.

Normally the circumstance falls, common thermal efficiency of strong platoon water heater burning gas is in 88% the following, the ” of flue gas of “ high temperature that this means combustion burning gas to arise is in imperceptible in by waste. The occurrence of technology of condensation type warm-up, solved difficult problem of this group trade effectively. Astute ” of sea Er “ used technology of warm-up of newest condensation type, condenser of special use independence, whole sealing structure, won't flow backwards because of condenser water or fall in cistern to corrode combustion system, and data of 304 stainless steel is used inside airframe, prevent effectively to corrode. In the meantime, to improve thermal efficiency more effectively, water heater of type of sea Er condensation uses smoke to be in charge of in side, the cycle time lengthen that high temperature flue gas is in charge of in smoke, make heat time is longer, make full use of high temperature flue gas, thermal efficiency lights gas water heater to raise 10% above than common condensation type, won't let consumer waste each minutes of each litres of gas, money.

The technology of “ astute ” advocate achieved personnel to calculate such brushstroke debt: Common water heater burning gas turns on the water continuously a hour, use up one stere natural gas about. And water heater of type of 12 litres of condensation turns on the water continuously a hour, air consumption is as about the same as 10 litres of common water heater burning gas. Such calculating come, effect of its solar term is controlled in 15 % . It is with Qingdao family exemple, average the air consumption of every month is in at least 50 stere above, every month should spend 75 yuan about. If condensation lights gas water heater energy-saving achieve 15 % above, every month will save 11.25 yuan, calculate 8 years with water heater service life, on immanent water heater of 8 years and investment of cost burning gas, condensation type wants far than other product more economy. If every month lights consumer home,the air consumption of gas water heater achieves 70 stere, so water heater of use condensation type can save 189 yuan every year, save the part that tower above invests at the beginning of condensation type water heater 5 years came out. Additional, condensation of astute ” of sea Er “ lighted gas water heater to still increase water to counteract processing unit, neuter is shown after making condenser water classics is counteracted, do not have a harm to the environment, still can come to condenser water gather up, use strong floor board or brush closestool, more section water.
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