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Inner Mongolia develops resource of wind energy cleanness
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“ annual wind, from spring blow wintry ” , prairie wind will be become those who use not the resource of wind energy cleanness of exhaust. Calculate a result according to what national scene academy announces, the whole nation can develop the wind energy resource that use for 2. 3.3 billion kilowatt hour, among them Inner Mongolia can develop the wind energy resource that use for 1. 100 million kilowatt hour, occupy 40 % of countrywide, occupy countrywide first place. Chu Bo of secretary of Party committee of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region expressed a few days ago, develop new-style and clean the sources of energy to accord with national industry policy, use wind energy to replace the traditional the sources of energy such as coal, be helpful for protecting prairie zoology environment already, can satisfy the requirement of the sources of energy that new a pasturing area of new rural area builds again.
Wind cable industry grows the current situation

Inner Mongolia wind energy can use an area to occupy whole area area 80 % left and right sides, year hour of the longest successive and invalid wind speed is counted under 100 hours, have wind energy to abound area and richer area area big, distributinging range is wide, stability of wind energy grade is tall, successional good good point, together with Inner Mongolia enjoys a country multinomial policy gives aid to, the fare that ask for the ground is low, in Inner Mongolia development wind report has advantaged requirement. Up to 2005 end, whole area is large and installed capacity obtains net wind report 170 thousand kilowatt, the installed capacity of wind cable project that new go into operation builds is 96. 210 thousand kilowatt. The reporter changes from Inner Mongolia hair appoint understanding arrives, inner Mongolia already brought into base of phone of wind of construction state level report of 915 ” wind develops “ in the program: Plan put into production wind-force of 5 million kilowatt generates electricity establishment, to report of wind of whole 2010 area installed capacity will amount to 5.17 million kilowatt, 7 what obtain chance of general assembly of whole area electric power. 5 % .

Do chief introduction according to Inner Mongolia the sources of energy, the main obstacle that wind report develops current Inner Mongolia is wind phone equipment needs to be imported from abroad for the most part, cause generate electricity cost on the high side, the deep administrative levels that restricts industry of source of wind electric energy develops. During 915 ” of “ , the country invests 500 million yuan when develop wind report, will 400 million yuan or so are used at importing equipment. The production level of wind phone equipment is wind energy those who use industrialization level relative superiority or inferiority is important measure a level. The top that Hehui of electric field of zephyr of Inner Mongolia bright red day vacates stannum to strap can of wind electric field to say report of our country wind is familial extremely level, aircrew is deployed almost all of one suit is imported from the country such as the United States, Denmark. Depend on the current situation that abroad imports overly to change fundamental facilities, during 915 ” of “ , inner Mongolia will stride this locality that changes construction to drive wind phone equipment with the dimensions of wind report establishment to change pace, preparation cooperates through be being begun with the company that has actual strength domestic and internationally, build in this locality 1 - 2 fan create base, this locality that realizes wind phone equipment turns production, strive to make homebred the 70 % that change equipment to achieve equipment gross.
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