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Unit of refrigeration of in suspension of on the world first large magnetism app
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Unit of cold refrigeration of wind of in suspension of on the world first large magnetism is stationed in Tokyo consulate installation in the United States, demonstrative project of technology of energy of this United States during Yuribendong Jing Ying spends a red-letter day finishing. This aircrew is the module of machine of refrigeration of magnetism in suspension of 210kW to comprise by 12 capacities, total refrigerating capacity is 2520kW. Project controller expects, the moving charge with the managing place inside the time that this project that invests 2.8 million dollar is not in can make up for his the partial cost of system of engine of refrigeration of tower above tradition. Unit of refrigeration of this magnetism in suspension will reduce diplomatic mission power consumption greatly, reduce diplomatic mission water consumption, those who discharged processing to come from the chemical trash of cooling tower and liquid waste is troublesome. The function that designs personnel general to have by a definite date one year to this aircrew is monitored, have the result that monitor announcing at the appointed time.