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Chongqing: Air conditioning section can want in the center of public constructio
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Henceforth, the public construction such as Chongqing city large market, office building, restaurant, central air conditioning designs can effect will suffer quantify limitation. Now morning, city is built appoint disclose to our newspaper, " Chongqing city public construction centers air conditioning project to design can effect is worth than be restricted " , the work out is finished and already entered seek opinion order.

According to saying, the large and public construction such as a few office building, restaurant, the bad news that is a city can large family, power consumption exceeds every Pingminian 100 degrees, the 10—15 that is equivalent to dweller residence times. Among them, air conditioning power consumption is controlled in 50 degrees, occupy a building to use specific power consumption (include oil of bad news report, bad news to measure) 50% .

Shen Lizhi says, air conditioning specific power consumption occupies the 40%-60% that builds specific power consumption, air conditioning should reduce cost only can 10% , can reduce whole building to restrict the energy cost of 6% .

Henceforth, large and public construction installs mount in air conditioning, must undertake the sources of energy plans, relevant section undertakes calculating to the power of specific power consumption of project of its air conditioning, after deciding, ability undertakes installing according to demarcate.