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Commissarial proposal: Pi of ⒐ fears Qiu of deficient ㄆ Sui thick wake oxime
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In cold wintry day, the respiratory system disease such as flu begins popularity. Committee of condition of Chinese room core releases caution: Beware the “ that system of central air conditioning becomes a disease to travel the 2 ” that spread a hand and new pollution source.
“ on two meetings ” , divide into equal parts of Liu Zhongling, Ling Kongshan's committee member fastens submission of proposal, focusing this one problem suggests, system of public air conditioning should clean disinfection regularly.

Do not clean, both neither is wholesome bad news can

Introduce according to Ling Kongshan's committee member, at present Shanghai has 1100 to be in building and market of 5000 much office to use system of central air conditioning more about. As a result of air conditioning environment all set is close, close partly condition, accordingly indoor air is used toward compound interest mostly, cleanness is spent not tall.

Not only such, the wind canal scale of air conditioning system is caused easily also all sorts of harmful microbial, cause new to indoor air pollution. Analysis of Liu Zhongling's committee member thinks, in the air outdoor content of grain of of all kinds in suspension cannot be filtered completely by central air conditioning plant institute cuts off, because this tiny speck Yi Jin enters air channel, adhere is on air channel wall, year in year out forms a large number of dirt retention. Thicker dirt retention is caused extremely easily of all kinds and harmful microbial, be like virus, bacterium, inside mildew element; The mobile room that makes mice, cockroach easily wait is returned inside air channel.

Gu Weimin's committee member still points out, the dirt that depends on inside the air channel of air conditioning system is more, attrition force is jumped over inside big, the load of fan increases, unit capacity drops, the sources of energy is used up bigger also. Accordingly, no matter still set out from energy-saving angle from sanitation, want to undertake cleaning alexipharmic to system of central air conditioning regularly.

Two never clear into building air conditioning

An investigation shows, air conditioning system cleans a company to undertake maintaining by major in the center of the business affairs building that has 53.3% , and wind of central air conditioning is in charge of what systematic humidity exceeds bid to occupy 41.7% , the bacterium exceeds mark badly to be occupied about 25% , fungus exceeds bid badly for 29% ; The building that has 20.8% among them admits to never had undertaken clearing to system of central air conditioning, some never also has been cleaned more than 10 years even.

Current, industry of cleanness of air conditioning system still is in in the center of home start level. Last year, ministry of Public Health publishs relevant standard, basically make a part each to air conditioning system wash method and professional cleaning machine the technical requirement of compose, special rinsing equipment made corresponding standard. But understand according to Liu Zhongling's committee member, shanghai has nearly 30 central air conditioning to clean an orgnaization at present, but have professional rinsing equipment only 10 or so, and what can achieve standard of Ministry of Public Health to ask is most 34.
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