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Heibei applying building is energy-saving design a standard
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Since May 1, 2007, the dweller structure that Heibei province sets area city to build each will be carried out new " living building is energy-saving design standard " , build energy-saving standard to achieve 65% . This level next year will apply in complete province on January 1.

Basically draft one of people according to “ standard ” , xiao Wenjing of limited company of design of green wild building's engineer introduces Heibei north, " living building is energy-saving design a standard " it is in Heibei the province implements 50% energy-saving standards " civil building is energy-saving design rules " on the foundation, the living building that the work out carries out the 3rd pace is energy-saving standard, namely 65% energy-saving standards. Of “ standard ” carry out, will press heat to collect fees for Heibei province “ ” provides technical support.

The reporter learns about the branch from province construction hall, current, heibei province is advancing heat metric transform. However, carry out after dividing a hot meterage, compare with intermediate housing photograph, live the dweller of head of building of attic, both sides is possible because heating is tall,bad news is heated up and a lot of heating expend overpay. To solve these problems from the technology, “ standard ” took the heat preservation property that strengthens roofing, unit type to build frontispiece equilateral to carry palisade structure, reduce these position as far as possible medicinal powder quantity of heat, between resident of contractible and different position the difference of heating heat consumption; Mix in existing technology condition but susceptive funds increases extent scope inside, give out cent door wall conducts heat with what divide a floor coefficient is restricted to be worth with the quantity conducts heat between control door, reduce the correction in the computation that heat up cost and share. The fairness that can reflect each resident to go up in heating charge more thereby and reasonable, be helpful for promoting habitant action energy-saving, raise a building energy-saving level.

As we have learned, at present Heibei province living building is in build fastigium, town of total provincial capital has a building 660 million square metre, among them the residence 550 million square metre, and energy-saving building is 60 million square metre only, 11% what occupy residential floor area about. These buildings waste much the sources of energy in use process, take whole society total specific power consumption about nearly 30% . Change according to city of Heibei provincial capital rate is annual the rate of 1.5 percent rises 1 ~ , rural population year all transfer left and right sides of 1 million person to the city, need every year to add the residence newly 24 million square metre, to 2020 residential area accumulative total achieves 820 million square metre, town builds gross area to achieve 1.06 billion square metre. If lax case is carried out,build energy-saving design standard, do not strengthen the solid bestow that builds energy-saving standard to supervise, do not push reform of heat addition system, high cost can building inevitable increasing, prospective building is energy-saving transformed task will heavier and heavier.
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