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Wind energy of haing city preferential progress replace the sources of energy
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Learn from bureau of Harbin city science and technology, link focal point of Harbin town environmental protection work, bureau of city science and technology is affirmatory will preferential 2007 advance organic useless water treatment and solid litter harmless change two technologies such as processing and recycle, for resource managing model, the environment is friendly model social construction offers a technology to prop up.

According to introducing, these two special technologies that administer in the light of zoology environment already labelled society of 7 years of Harbin city to develop ascensive project help one of cautious drops, be aimed at the main contaminant that pharmacy and food company discharge namely, preferential advance Gao Nong to spend difficult degradation technology of organic useless water treatment; In the light of Harbin city rubbish processing method lags behind relatively, preferential advance solid litter harmless change processing and recycle technology.

According to introducing, be aimed at the problem with at present in short supply the sources of energy, harbin city still started new energy resources and energy-saving technology 7 years special, accelerate new energy resources and energy-saving technology research and development: Preferential development solar energy, wind energy and give birth to material to be able to wait replace the sources of energy and clean energy technology, and the energy-saving technology such as LED illume, hot pump, form batteries of smooth hot season, much brilliant (or single crystal) silicon solar energy generates electricity equipment, wind-force generates electricity the product of 10 great new energy resources such as equipment and technical craft; Expedite the promotion application of new energy resources and energy-saving technology. Exert oneself advances science and technology of biology of haing electric machinery, outstanding emperor, wisdom connect the sources of energy of science and technology, sun, Ha Kexin the industrialization that the enterprise such as the sources of energy has energy project one batch, shorten of the product of new energy resources such as generation set of wind-force of made of baked clay class of fuel of biology derv, emulsification, million commercialize a process. In the meantime, strengthen efficient vapour to provide the promotion application of a batch of energy-saving new technologies such as network equipment, promote the research and development that replaces efficient and the sources of energy, clean the sources of energy, energy-saving product and energy-saving technology and application.

Origin: Harbin news network