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Installation of air conditioning of sea Er dominant serves GB
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On April 6, mandatory national level " family expenses and installation of similar utility air conditioning are normative " edit the working group conference that start is held in Qingdao city, the industry is gotten army air conditioning of Er of company of great capacity assumes this GB exclusively to edit working dominant counterpoises, and association and division force, as beautiful as electric home appliances

According to expert introduction, air conditioning element has “ 3 minutes quality, install ” 7 minutes say, the service life that installs quality of whether normative, installation and air conditioning and closely related use effect. In recent years consumer is complained to service of air conditioning installation increasingly grow in quantity, with air conditioning installation off quality of non-standard, installation has very big concern. Participate in this to start the home appliance bid of the meeting appoint meet Dean Ma Dejun point out, this committee of national standardization management is rolled out pilot make new edition " family expenses and installation of similar utility air conditioning are normative " standard, belong to mandatory national level, have majesty, draft an unit through collecting national level publicly, can sea Er such bibcock enterprises are brought into among them, driving GB to make, edit while system innovates, still can rise to establish sea Er fine installation to serve a model, achieve farther normative air conditioning to install consumer of service industry, safeguard the purpose of legitimate rights and interests.

As we have learned, achieve an user to touch ” to maintain installation to serve the sea Er air conditioning that the level precedes continuously with ceaseless “ , made a lot of strict installation serve a standard, form good public praise wide inside course of study to circulate, welcome by consumer. The service development popular feeling that human nature of sea Er air conditioning changes, in 13 years undertook Wu upgrades 15 times installing kimono, if the innovation act of a lot of individuation is safe the distribution, installation that do not have dirt typical model that makes widely known. The “ that its innovate independently is not had automatically turbid the distinct advantage that gets ” to install time of free from contamination, installation to save an in part with green becomes “ customer the most satisfactory service means ” . While installation serves act to innovate ceaselessly, sea Er falls in the circumstance of disorder of situation of whole service industry, strict from beginning to end him requirement, be made not only and carry out strict installation to serve a standard, without mud at the same time installation, decathlon connects check to wait for level of state of service prep above. The installation service level of so high level, close service way nature wins the heart of consumer, sea Er continues to hold a title 4 years continuously user satisfaction spends head of a list of names posted up is evaluation of height of excellent to sea Er service is best reflect.
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