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Print and distribute of the State Council " energy-saving reduce an omnibus work
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" economy of countryman of People's Republic of China and social progress eleventh compendium of 5 years of programs " during putting forward 915 ” of “ , specific power consumption of unit gross domestic product is reduced 20% the left and right sides, main contaminant discharges gross to reduce the tie sex quota of 10% . Premier Wen Jiabao also emphasizes pointing out in the governmental working report 2007: Formulate is carried out strictly can effect and environmental protection standard, develop energetically energy-saving with environmental protection policy, promote energy-saving the development with environmental protection technology, execute system of job responsibility of energy-saving environmental protection to wait. Accordingly, energy-saving us with environmental protection the working key that the country will take seriously inside a paragraph of period henceforth is mixed the difficulty that resolves urgently.

But, the situation that realizes the energy-saving target that decrease a platoon to be faced with currently is very grim. What the whole nation decided without implementation the beginning of the year 2006 is energy-saving fall the goal that bad news and pollution reduce a platoon, increased the difficulty of 4 years of energy-saving jobs decreasing a platoon after 915 ” of “ . More austere is, this year first quarter, industry especially high cost can, growth of tall pollution industry is too rapid, occupy countrywide industry specific power consumption and 2 oxidation sulfur to discharge the 6 large trades such as treatment of the electric power of nearly 70% , steely, coloured, building materials, oil, chemical industry to grow 20.6% , accelerate 6.6 percent compared to the same period. Meanwhile, each field work still is put in understanding not to reach the designated position, responsibility ambiguous, measure does not deserve to cover, not perfect, investment does not implement policy, harmonious do not get the problem such as force.

Below this kind of situation, the State Council atOn May 23, 2007Released “ about print and distribute energy-saving the announcement that reduces an omnibus work program (the country is sent [2007]15 date) ” , requirement various places and each function branch realise the importance of the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon and pressing sex adequately; Produce governmental dominant effect, responsibility of aggrandizement industry main body, firm is caught the energy-saving responsibility that decrease a platoon is fulfilled and execute the law superintend, form the structure of the energy-saving work that decrease a platoon that gives priority to body, whole society to be advanced jointly for dominant, enterprise with the government. In the meantime, to strengthen the constituent leader of pair of energy-saving jobs that decrease a platoon, the State Council still established the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon to head a group, deploy is specific the job, coordinate the major problem in solving the job.
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