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Invite public bidding of compressor safety testboard
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Project name: 5 compressor test a system
Project number: GDC2-200611072100001
Government of central state office purchases a center to suffer purchase unit MII electron the 5th institute is entrusted
Undertake to following goods and service government of the electron on the net is purchased invite acceptable bidder to make bid on the net now

The electron bids begin date: 2006-11-8 8:30:17 buying order: MII electron the 5th institute
The electron bids date of expiration: 2006-11-12 8:30:17 contacts: Zhang Zhigang
Ask deliver goods ground nods: Village of Dongguan of Guangzhou city the Milky way connects a telephone call 110 numbers: 020 87237626
The requirement arrives time: 50 days contact mail:
Budgetary amount: Confidential and odd time:
Purchase unit remarks: Not prep above lowest quotes effectively inside the limits of 5 % supplier of this locality of OK and first consideration
Requirement enterprise aptitude:
Specific purchase demand:
The requirement arrives time: (Announce the _ after winning the bid to reach a contract to sign as a result weekday arrives, it is 5 weekday the least)