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Project of area of C of market of Changshu small commodities
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What belong to an industry: Municipal buildProject place: JiangsuTime limit of invite public bidding: FromToComplete: In December 2005 Project of area of C of market of small commodities of detailed information Changshu
Category: The market
Property: Build
Address: Road of new lotus of city of Jiangsu province Changshu on the west side 215500
Brief introduction: This project is build the market, 2, 5, frame cuts force wall structure, picket radical. Window of aluminium alloy door, outside wall paint. Aseismatic 6 degrees. The project includes picket radical, palisade, earth to build, water and electricity, warm (do not contain
) of project of adornment, fire control.
Dimensions: 12. 50 thousand M2;
Investment: 90 million yuan:
Start working: In September 2004;
Complete: In December 2005:
Progress: Construction invite public bidding.
Store of ripe move of party of Jiangsu of Party A T manages committee view thunder
Address: The road in store of city of Jiangsu province Changshu 125 215500
Phone: 0512—51516177 fax: 0512—52751532
Design: Shanghai sets project of week of limited company of building designing institute together
Fax: 021—35011003 mobile phone: 13301897277
Architect: Phone of Xu Kai, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad labour: 021—65031900-225