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Beijing: Central music institute is comprehensive in the center of education bui
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Project name: Air-conditioner group purchases central music institute in the center of integrated education building
Number of invite public bidding: GC-H05023
Government of central state office purchases a center to have home to following goods and service emulative open invite public bidding, invite acceptable bidder to refer now sealed bid.

One, content of invite public bidding
1, the amount of mark:
Water-cooling is centrifugal type / in the center of screw type ton of refrigeration of air-conditioner group 1758kw(500) 2
2, delivery (hand over a completed project) date: 4 months after the contract is signed
Delivery place: Site of the construction inside courtyard of central music institute

2, acceptable bidder must accord with following condition
1, accord with " government of People's Republic of China purchases a way " the 22nd regulation;
2, ought to be the native supplier that provides native goods service;
3, aptitude and outstanding achievement requirement: Have centrifugal type or screw type productivity of aircrew of central air conditioning

3, the idea that gets document of invite public bidding and time
The acceptable bidder that accords with the above-listed condition can come since this day on March 4, 2005 - on March 16 everyday (holiday except) 9:00 - 11:30, 14:00 - 16:00 (Beijing time) , to bureau of office management of office of the State Council government of central state office purchases antechamber of central professional work (Beijing on the west ave of door of Xi'an of the city zone 22 gates mouth east side) register and apply for to get document of invite public bidding.
Contact: Wen Lin of Zhang Xiaojuan Yuan connects a telephone call: 83083702, 83083703

4, bid end time: On March 24, 2005 morning 9:30 when
Time of open sealed tenders: On March 24, 2005 morning 9:30 when

5, biddingly dot and place of open sealed tenders: Beijing railroad large building (road of beehive of north of Beijing Haidian area 102)

6, note: When registering document of the invite public bidding that get, must carry copy of legal entity business charter (original) or Xerox (build the former office that send card effective official seal) , book of manufactory home accredit and a power of attorney of legal person accredit.
Address: Bureau of office management of office of the State Council a building 516 rooms (Beijing on the west ave of door of Xi'an of the city zone 22)
Phone: 83084958
Contact: King annals is solved