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Machine of pneumatics of 2007 Shanghai international and compressor exhibition
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Machine of pneumatics of 2007 Shanghai international and compressor exhibition

Place: Shanghai smooth congress extends central time: On July 16, 2007 - machine of pneumatics of China of 18 days of ◆ and compressor market:
Machinist job is the base that national economy expands, the product of main form a complete set that pneumatics machine and compressor are machinist job. Belong to accurate and mechanical component, its function, level and quality adjust to lead plane control and move having immediate effect. Continue to carry out as our country carry out expand inside needed policy, economic growth is accelerated, machinist job also high speed develops, pneumatics machine and compressor develop demand to also increase considerably as the high speed of machinist job, the empty press that gives our country and compressor industry brought tremendous business chance. ◆ industry distinguished gathering:
We will invite a government to be in charge of branch, guild, expert to wait for industry authority personage to attend the meeting market of analytic policy, analysis, technology is solved, the information that is understanding pneumatics machine and compressor industry and trends, trade grand meeting that seeks cooperation, it is the barometer of pneumatics machine and compressor industry. ◆ business chance is infinite:
At the appointed time, the whole nation and even global pneumatics machine and on, downstream enterprise gathers Shanghai, it is pneumatics machine and compressor industry business the time that focuses highly inaccessibly, machine of this pair of pneumatics and compressor business contact are potential client, extend the whole nation and even global sale channel, show the brand image, admirable opportunity that communicates with the person of the same trade and location. Wonderful confused shows ◆ sessional activity:
1, machine of pneumatics of international, home and compressor user spot look around, communication, collaboration, purchase an activity;
2, international, home purchases trade trade to negotiate meeting;
3, news briefing of new product of expert forum and company. ◆ shows content:
Pneumatics machine, compressor: The screw type, piston, type that do not have oil, movable type, centrifugal type, blade type, high pressure type, straight couplet type, belt-conveyor type, double canister type, reciprocating type, give wet, diaphragmatic type, turbine type, chill form, aeriform compressor, compressor of air conditioning refrigeration.
Compress spare parts of aircraft of air desiccator and filter, pneumatics, sky to distribute equipment, dryer, centrifugal, centrifuge, filter press, lubricating oil, reduce air aftertreatment facility, expand machine, appearance of automatic dew point, testing instrument, pressure vessel, gas a powerful person, cooling tower, receiver, gas source produces device, gas source handles installation, compress dynamical system equipment.
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