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Air conditioning of boiler of heating of heat addition of international of Harbi
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Air conditioning of boiler of heating of heat addition of international of Harbin of the 8th China makes exhibition of cold ventilated equipment

Time: On April 23, 2007 - 25 days of places: Harbin international exhibition center

Sponsor an unit: Harbin city builds council

Harbin city environmental protection bureau

Supervisory bureau of technology of Harbin city quality

Harbin city town planning bureau

Bureau of industry of Harbin town cable

Undertake unit: Great exploit of the letter in Harbin shows limited company

Support an unit: Construction ministry city builds department

Association of industry of Chinese environmental protection

Heilongjiang province builds hall

Heilongjiang saves quality technology supervisory bureau

Heilongjiang saves environmental protection bureau

Assist run an unit: Heilongjiang province warms an air conditioning society

Heilongjiang provincial capital presses down heat addition association

Heilongjiang saves Institute of Refrigeration

Heilongjiang saves association of environmental protection industry

Association of Harbin city environmental protection industry

Assist do medium: " warm connect air conditioning " " Chinese boiler pressure vessel is safe "

" area heat addition " " refrigeration of heat addition of Chinese construction information "

" changes in temperature lights market conditions " " contemporary heat addition " " northward heating "

" market of changes in temperature of China and foreign countries " " contemporary changes in temperature " " warm connect drain off water "

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Chinese air conditioning makes website of net of cold net, air conditioning of changes in temperature, boiler
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