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Air conditioning of heat addition of the 7th China International and city buildi
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The Asia is warm the first exhibit HVAC CHINA 2007 the country will exhibit a grand opening in March

Air conditioning of heat addition of the 7th China International and city build the “ that by association of Chinese town heat addition, China the building decorates association, China to build company of group of center of committee of heating of ground of metallic structure association and China International exhibition to be sponsorred jointly equipment and technical exhibition (HVAC China 2007) ” already on March 10, 2007 - .
This is exhibited establish 1996, open a trade to comply with home to warm the market demand of swift and violent development, after from 2006 country of the 6th Beijing exhibits heat addition, air conditioning of China International heat addition and city building equipment and technical exhibition by two original years an instead is held one year in Beijing. In the meantime, beijing country exhibits heat addition strategical still with “ 2007 the 14th China International builds adornment and material exposition (Build Decor2007) the corresponding period is held together, implementation resource is shared with effect of strong strong linkage, carry out strictly at the same time only the constituent speak or sing alternately of house zone and specific aim purchases business those who run mode to be exhibited in order to assure heat addition is professional. Add up to 60, 000 of smooth rice super- reveal greatly platform and 80, 000 total present audiences exhibit heat addition for country of the 7th Beijing bring unprecedented commerce to extend opportunity and enormous industry attention to spend.

Beijing country postpones the development that heat addition postpones all previous classics more than 10 years, already became an Asia to warm now connect air conditioning to exhibit the top brand of the meeting, built an all-around, high level for the lead production company inside the industry second, efficient promotion platform, it is to join the promotion that postpone business the company is well-known degree, search commerce associate, widen the optimal way of business medium of communication. Current exhibit can attract the ginseng of more than 200 enterprise that comes from nearly 20 countries and area to exhibit in all, the product involved heat addition equipment and installation, land warm facilities, conduit product, land source heats up the many domains such as pump, enclothed whole heat addition to warm an air conditioning industry. Come 10 years assemble inside the industry brand of numerous and well-known company: Comfortable beautiful of Beijing dark heart, Nuaoluo, Qingdao, A.O. Family name of ground of heart of elegant way of Smith, Italy profit, France, Faluoli, Guangdong 10 thousand with, enlighten dark, German power can, rich world · cloth Druse, meaning happy, Huoniweier, heng Chun, peaceful division, be able to bear or endure Ke Sen, Guizhou bit of Ka Laifei of Yisaite, Italy, Ai Si, border cut down of farad of tall, Hua Qing, APV, A, haing watt, Ike dark.
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