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International fan and ventilated equipment are exhibited
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Chongqing directly under the jurisdiction of 10 years, the progress that makes base as autocycle of the propulsion of super and urban and rural construction, car, international army turns civilian industrial rise, chongqing industry obtained great progress, industry sells a value to amounted to 420 billion yuan last year, break up two times than 1996, formed industry of autocycle of power energy resources, car, equipment, heavy chemical industry and electron stage by stage industry of 5 big pillar. Of ” of “ new special zone obtain batch, chongqing stands on a new historical start again, of free tax zone and free-trade area establish and the favourable policy that industry enjoys, the development of advance rapidly will make Chongqing more a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. Reach the equipment application in industrial domain to promote fan technology, better build to negotiate each other for both sides of supply and demand, purchase order goods, the effective platform that communicates promotion, use German industry to extend pattern, we are in especially “CIF2007 holds on ” of exhibition of equipment of industry of the 15th China International: “ international fan and ventilated equipment exhibit ” , execute special subject zone, be publicized independently and organize professional audience. “ international fan and ventilated equipment exhibit ” is information of combinative audience feedback and huge market demand and the special subject of emerge as the times require is exhibited meeting, and with “ the corresponding period of ” of exhibition of equipment of industry of the 15th China International is held. Be aimed at the key the product that postpone business to wait for domain industry at building, medicine, mechanical, electron, oil, chemical industry, steely, spin, irrigation works, building materials, metallurgy, environmental protection, mine on invitation at the appointed time decision-making personage is headed for look around negotiate, each ginseng is exhibited while the unit is publicizing company image, also be company product strike western the market, promotion is famous platform of spent first selection trade. Origanization construction: Sponsor an unit: Chinese machinist Cheng learns (CMES)Undertake unit: High new developed area of government of people of city of Chongqing of council of science and technology is in charge of appoint canSupport an unit: Government office of civil administration of person of city of Chongqing of association of bldg. of city of Chongqing of society of project of Electromechanical of city of Chongqing of mechanical Joint Industry Conference of China of ministry of science and technology of People's Republic of ChinaEnrol trade organization: Limited company of center of exhibition of Chongqing of of limited company of exhibition of heart of Chongqing rich luck
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