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In the center of shallow analyse our country the development of air conditioning
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One, in the center of our country the trend of 3 kinds of development of air conditioning course of study
Answer eye 2004 refrigeration year, air conditioning course of study has trend of 3 kinds of development to let a person at least in the center of our country take delight in talking about. Trend one: Central air conditioning has received the “ baton ” of traditional air conditioning, its industry foreground makes market covet; Trend 2: In earth ocean comparing goes all out in, native land brand again and again the commanding elevation of occupational market, the situation fact of fie fie is belonged to all-time; Trend 3: After the brutal severe test that passes the market, course of study of central air conditioning reshuffle, competitive advantage returns to brand and technology afresh, market share more and more in centering hand of a few enterprise, rise high into the air of ” of big alligator of “ of central air conditioning and piece.

Course of study of central air conditioning makes a person lick one's chaps

’ of times of the air conditioning after “‘ helped sb to fulfill his wishes ” of central air conditioning, the personage inside course of study is evaluated so, the profit of “ traditional air conditioning is 5 % only, this must force enterprise of major air conditioning to turn to ‘ of central air conditioning to dig golden ’ . The data that association of industry of air conditioning of ” China refrigeration publishs recently shows, the city waits in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, the customer that has 26 % about is willing to install central air conditioning. The personage inside course of study thinks, the demand of central air conditioning with 60 % - the speed of 70 % increases by degrees.

Because central air conditioning and photograph of family expenses air conditioning compare a huge advantage,depend on those who be project whole form a complete set be in the majority, the backside that heats up in countrywide estate consequently, building dish a magic weapon of pair of wins the favour that can gain owner to often make sale of brand of course of study of central air conditioning get the upper hand of with central air conditioning; Reason of another of white-headed white-headed of market of central air conditioning is: It is fashionable, tide, high-grade, it is modern architectural necessary establishment. Current, the brand of course of study of central air conditioning is in more than 10 centrally, er of such as sea, big gold, York, open benefit, Maikeweier, beauty wait. In the “ that Beijing holds first whole nation warmed a design of air conditioning engineering and product information communicate conference ” to go up 2004, architecture of vice-president of Chinese Institute of Refrigeration, China can warm Wu Yuanwei points out a committee member of chairman of air conditioning committee, central air conditioning must be changed before sale channel, want the course with project form a complete set.
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