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Fountainhead heats up the note that pump technology uses
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On December 19, 2006

Fountainhead (ground temperature) hot pump uses surface water to serve as cold heat source, temperature of summertime water system is lower than ambient air temperature, so the condensing temperature of refrigeration is reduced, make cooling effect good Yu Feng cold pattern and cooling tower type, temperature of winter water system is higher than ambient air temperature, heat up what pump circulates to evaporate temperature rises, can effect comparing also rises; Nonexistent air source heats up the difficulty problem such as the winter defrost of pump. Using source of water (the heat of the earth's interior) the following respects should note when hot pump:

When using fountainhead to heat up pump technology, the hydrology analysis of early days is attached most importance to especially should, need fibrous root occupies groundwater source actual condition, undertake the research of feasibility is analysed. Applicable principle: Water measures enough, water lukewarm good, water supply stabilizes proper, water quality, time fill is reliable. Accordingly, the serious, scientific hydrogeology exploration job of early days is very necessary.

In the center of fountainhead hot pump air conditioning lead plane, it is the core of cold heat source, the reliability that its quality stand or fall affects whole system directly and use effect. The proposal chooses the manufacturer that has good reputation domestic and internationally, especially history of technical quality actor, production the famous brand with long, good after service.

Well-known, of air conditioning of fountainhead hot pump can effect is compared (COP value, approximate output power / to input electric power) air conditioning of prep above convention, but also have the limit, be in commonly 4? #0124;6, but domestic certain manufacturer is nominal its heat up pump aircrew can Bikeda goes to effect 7, of 8, still have 11 to minority very, 12. This is to be not accorded with actual, unscientific, it is irresponsible to the extreme of the user, it is behavior of a kind of deceit.

Fountainhead heats up the crucial technology of pump to depend on well. The technology becoming a well of well is very vital, must asking is tube well of large requirements steeliness. French CIAT has original technology and experience in well respect, dosage of partial well water can be saved than traditional pattern when be used actually, can come true successfully to be smoked together with fill.

Because source of water is hot utilization rate of air conditioning system is extremely high in the center of pump, because this is right demand of the function of equipment, quality is higher also, of all sorts of auxiliary equipment and material reasonable matching also is the foundation that achieves favorable result. The consistent style of CIAT is the project level that keeps taller in construction, choose excellent facilities material, reveal project make it, propagandist window, bring much better society benefit for owner.
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