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A few factors that affect power station axis to shed fan dependability and be on
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The summary showed the concept of dependability of power station fan and influencing factor, put forward to raise an axis to shed the countermeasure of fan dependability in design and moving. Want to raise an axis to shed fan dependability, in type selecting, design, move, adjust with the measure with safeguard a respect to want to had been done certain.

Fan is the crucial subsidiary engine in firepower power plant, axial shedding fan is mixed high because of efficiency specific power consumption is low and be used extensively. In moving actually, the dependability that many power plants shed fan to move Xie Ke to move an axis to shed fan especially because of the axis is poor, malfunction again and again, bring about a power plant to be not a plan to stop machine or reduce negative charge, affected set electricenergy production. In last few years, a few power plants of Guangdong area if 1×210 MW of factory of C of carry of 2×200 MW of power plant of 4×300 MW of Pearl River power plant, Nanhai, constant all has happened to move Xie Ke to move an axis to shed fan to break blade accident, also have happen for many times repeatedly in same power plant, affect aircrew safety badly to be sent completely. Accordingly, from go up at all solve these problems, the dependability that raises axis of large ammunition power plant to shed fan to move appears very necessary and pressing.

Concept of dependability of fan of 1 power station

The state of statistic of dependability of power station fan divides as follows:

Send the accident that bring wind travel dependability usable and the following two important parameter explain.
The TSH—— in type runs hour of number, show fan is in the small duration of moving condition;

TUOH—— blame plans Xiaoshi halting use to count, show fan is in blame plan to stop the Xiaoshi of movement condition to count, also say the accident stops carry hour to count.

Before 90 time, our country large power station (125 MW and above) the blame that boiler fan causes plans to stop machine and blame plan to fall bear is more frequent, according to statistic, in 125 MW, 200 MW, 300 MW and 600 MW aircrew, by equivalent of power plant losing hour halting use calculates, send, bring fan to all discharge before 10 in influencing factor, the difference with the developed country is bigger.

After 90 time, quality of facility of mill of fan of a few main power stations of our country rises faster, be aimed at the actual condition of our country power plant, introduce foreign advanced technique, the dependability that makes power station fan moves Xie Ke to move an axis to shed fan especially gets rising ceaselessly. For example: The factory was opposite some air-blower 1997 its use those who introduce technical production, Xie Ke is moved to move an axis to sort type in 28 when use in group of electric machinery of 15 300 MW fire blower and 24 move Xie Ke to move an axis to shed type to bring fan to undertake dependability is analysed, discover its move rate already amounted to 99% . The dependability of the product of other manufacturer also has bigger rise.
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