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Warm a systems analysis of air conditioning air channel and evaluation
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Summary: The article connected the function of system of air conditioning air channel to have analysis and opinion to warming, introduced the application that numeric model designs in air channel.
Loss of main character, pressure and test method and optimal parameter decide the physics that document <1> already described pair of air current in air channel in detail, point out in warm in connecting air conditioning system to design a process, using loss of obstruction of Cheng of edge of numeric model computation is a kind of practical method. The article warms from the influence the main factor proceed with that connects performance of system of air conditioning air channel, comprehensive systems analysis and performance of system of evaluation air channel and its are designing medium application, cover as follows now.

Appearance of 1 air channel
Air channel is become by treatment normally rectangle or circle, in recent years, smooth elliptic air channel had certain development, normally it is machined to reveal elliptic spiral appearance air channel. The air channel of all sorts of appearance all has its actor drawback, show cent to be narrated as follows.
Facilitating installation of rectangular air channel, disassemble reach suit, air channel surface is planar, be helpful for open shutting air channel and setting hanger so, also be helpful for assembling cooperate with the building. Its defect is obstruction loss bigger, to obtain identical air stream, its specific power consumption should compare circular air channel big; Contact length accepts restriction of width of v armor plate, and what contact is in is sealed more difficult; Additional, charge of installation of rectangular section connect installs charge than circular section connect tall.
Loss of pressure of length of unit of circular air channel is the smallest, its economic benefits is normally first-class also. By weight computational circle air channel replaces rectangular air channel to save the metallic stuff of 20 % about. Circular air channel adds spiral form, what can realize length to go up is outspread, the contact that requires lengthen can decrease relatively. Because this pressure loss reachs air leak,also reduce relatively subsequently. Circular accessory is machined easily and large quantities of system of quantities are made, in sliding contact is installation process, most a kind of connect of economy, air channel of stretch of circular accessory facilitating join, and heat preservation and sealed convenient also and easy. Defect is the installation height with taller need of circular air channel, and when air channel size is too large, can be operated to treatment and carry bring difficulty.
Smooth elliptic air channel and photograph of circular air channel are compared, its installed height to reduce, and control easily, it has the most advantage of circular air channel, but it is more difficult that the treatment of its accessory makes standoff ministry transform. Other defect such as: Measure passes congress to cause installation and carriage inconvenience; Below pressure action, smooth elliptic air channel has turn into the trend of circular air channel; Exhibit when bowstring is bigger, elliptical and slip connect assembles difficulty; Because accessory of a lot of elliptic air channel lack data of data of coefficient of obstruction of going from place to place, restricted the actual application of smooth elliptic air channel.
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