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Canal of wind of central air conditioning installs a note
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Air conditioning wind is in charge of a system to install a note:

Want to get a satisfactory wind provides a system, installation of canal of wind of central air conditioning also is very main influencing factor. The applicable object of air conditioning is the building such as the residence, villa commonly in the center of family expenses, because its wind is in charge of systematic installation and the installation existence of the air conditioning central,wear a lot of different. Dog according to what to multinomial family expenses wind of central air conditioning is in charge of a system to install a project investigation, summary gives the following to install a note:

(1) wind canal decorates the method that should use edge wall laid as far as possible, can form structure of concave and convex top when be decorated finally so, maintained indoor clear height already, make wind canal receives screen again, it is better to can rise decorate the effect;

(2) when wind canal is being decorated, answer as far as possible short, bend is unfavorable and overmuch, corner radius shoulds not be too small, avoid conduit mutation diameter as far as possible, in order to reduce the loss of edge Cheng pressure;

(3) original architectural structure should be not destroyed when wind is in charge of installation, bearing especially structure;

(4) wind canal crosses wall point, its hole the aperture all around, should use stretch stuff stuff close-grained;

(5) to reduce noise, wind is in charge of only then upright (with blower joint) unfavorable elbow, when necessary, bend raises the place such as the canal to answer with 3 furnish diversion lamina;

(6) the link that wind provides should undertake strictly according to the standard, stickup should firm, laid should level off, colligation should close together, without slip, flabby with rupture phenomenon, prevent to leak cold (hot) ;

(7) carry airy of easy generation condenser water wind canal, the gradient that must ask by the design is installed;

(8) installation wants firm, all condole, raise, the operation that bracket must not hamper system of blast tuyere, valve, control reachs inspection door, make good antirust processing;

(9) installation of new wind canal is divided outside should abiding by conduit sending wind to install a regulation, still should ask to gradient is installed by the design (slope Xiang Xinfeng mouth) ;

(10) new a place with a draught should have prevent rain and screen pack cover, installation position should choose the place that does not get pollution in air and facilitating overhaul.