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Air conditioning wind provides the alternative of material
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The material with commonly used canal of canal of air conditioning wind, wind of central air conditioning has galvanization iron sheet, glass reinforced plastics, composite material (among for insulation material, wait like phenolic aldehyde bubble, polyurethane foam, fibre glass, outside face adheres to a covering layer, wait like aluminum foil) wait for a few kinds. Because wind of glass reinforced plastics is in charge of need to undertake machining in the factory, and milling loss is big, put in ageing phenomenon, in family expenses use in central air conditioning very few, because this article is only right,material of canal of these two kinds of wind has galvanization iron sheet and composite material quite.

(1) the convenient sex of construction

Galvanization iron sheet suits large size treatment, machining is convenient, but mechanical device is used as a result of inconvenience when small size, because this machines cycle to grow, rate is slow. Additional, when wind of galvanization iron sheet manages construction, bad control installs precision; Size is connected wait for fittings to be made not easily; Installation difficulty is great, tall to the requirement of construction personnel. Although, to correct these defect, the construction that wind of galvanization iron sheet manages undertook many improvement, if develop small-sized treatment device, use new coupling way to wait a moment. But, these new facility, new technology can is opposite only merely the state of difficulty of construction of canal of wind of galvanization iron sheet has definite improvement, and cannot from go up at all solve a problem.

Canal of composite material wind uses manual construction commonly, do not need technical treatment facilities, because this is special,agree with in the center of family expenses air conditioning such little ground construction. Use composite material spot to make size connect, the fittings such as bend is very convenient also, construction rate is accordingly rapid, and also reduce relatively to the requirement of construction personnel. Additional, the requirement that composite material wind provides pair of installation precision is relatively inferior also, this can raise the installation rate that wind provides again.

Calculate according to the project, when undertaking air conditioning wind manages construction in the center of family expenses, a specialized worker can make wind of composite material of installation 10~15 M2 be in charge of hourly (with wind of aluminum foil of phenolic aldehyde bubble the canal is exemple) , and same a worker, can make valve of wind of iron sheet of galvanization of installation 3~4 M2 only however. Can see from here, it is far good that convenient sex wants the construction that composite material wind manages be in charge of at wind of galvanization iron sheet. [NextPage]

(2) central air conditioning is energy-saving the effect
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